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Our Short, Sweet & (very) Simple Supplier Registration Process

To register your Business or Service on our supplier directory it's simple! There are two easy steps to completion:

Step1. Set yourself up as a user (i.e. register as a supplier)
Step 2. Upload your advertisement,

Hey presto, you're advertising with!

Because we're so nice though we've added a short 'how-to' guide for you to help you with the two steps (just in case!)

Step 1 - Register as a Supplier

Click on the 'Log in / register' tab. (see picture 1)

Press on the green 'join us now it's free' tab or log on using your Facebook account. (see picture 2)

Here you will upload your USER details ie the details that you will use to navigate through the site as a supplier when uploading your ad, amending your ad, responding to forum queries and posting blog entries (should you wish to do so).

1.Choose account type - SUPPLIER

2.Name & user name - this will be what you use to log in to and to respond to clients on our blog or forum - so make it relevant to your business!

3.Upload a user / supplier picture (or just press skip if you prefer not to)

4.Fill in the remainder of the form (please note that some fields are mandatory).

A blue activation link (sometimes it will be plain text you need to copy and paste in in your browser) will be sent to your email address along with a separate email notifying of your log on details.

Click on the activation link and come back to to upload your advertisement

Step 2 - Uploading your Advertisement:

Log into using the username & password that you picked.

Click on the 'Suppliers' tab at the top of the page.

Pick the category that most suits your business or service (picture 3)

When you enter the category click on the 'add your listing here' link. (picture 4)

This will bring you into the form update page (picture 5) - from here update your details

Once updated it will be issued to us for approval. We will then notify you by email once it has been approved and gone live!

Told you - simple! However, if you experience any problems we're always here (and delighted!) to help you - pop along an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you asap.

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