40-Favorite Wedding Graphics and DIYs


Are you getting married? Congratulations! Wedding is perhaps the most special moments in everyone’s life. The very reason, grooms and brides across the globe leave no stone unturned in order to make their wedding memorable. Finally, the time has come to start planning and make things extra special. It’s a celebration from where two hearts come together and vows to begin their journey that thrives on commitment, love, respect, and trust. No matter it is lavish or simple, big or small, themed or crafty; a wedding is a treasured memory of the life.

You probably have a lot of ideas in your mind for the location, flowers, favors, and even a theme of your wedding.  But we have come up with 40 favorite wedding graphics and DIYs that will make your wedding unique and memorable.

Wedding Invitations

Since your wedding is fast-approaching, it’s time to chalk-out your wedding invites. Wedding invitations are the first impression of your big day. It gives your guests a clue how grand your wedding will be.

1) Floral Design: Just like a wedding without flowers is incomplete, the invites also look incomplete without them. Decorating the wedding invitations and save the date with a set of beautiful flowers can add beauty to the overall look of the card.

2) Chalkboard Design:  It is one of the popular trends in greeting card design. And in the last few months, it has slowly made its way to a wedding invitation. Undoubtedly, it is a refreshing change that makes all types of wedding card designs look amazing. The ability to maintain minimalistic look while highlighting the text more clearly, makes this design unique.

3) Watercolor Design:  Elegant, artistic and graceful watercolour invites are a great way to introduce color scheme without resorting to a floral border or motifs. Watercolors makes a design look unique and attractive. By using watercolor, you can highlight the relevant sections of an invitation without compromising on the beauty of the overall design.

4) Graphic + Geometric Details: Heptagon, diamond, triangles, squares—name any, it’s a new design trend for a modern wedding invitation. Bold lines give a little edge to the design and modern look to letters or message.  You can mix graphics with bright colors to create a stunning design. If you love pattern or have planned a non-traditional celebration in a loft or gallery then it’s the perfect idea for you.

5) Custom Illustrations: Brides and grooms often love to have something personalized in their wedding cards. What can be better than having a comical drawn version of themselves? Your guests will instantly notice that the couple has made efforts to customize the design instead of buying any common template.

6) Passport Invitations: If you have planned for a destination wedding, then passport invitations are a unique and fun way to invite your guests. The invitation is designed in a shape and style of a passport.

7) Letterpress:  Letterpress is a technique in printing used to push images into paper. This can be done with or without ink. The result is high-quality and classic which makes it perfect for wedding invitations.

8) Laser Cut Invites: Laser cut invitation are high in demand. The laser cut technology is perfect to give detailing to the card. Whether you want to go for subtle design or full-blown laser cut creation, your guests will surely be impressed when they receive the invites.

9) Typography: If you want to keep your wedding card simple, without any pattern and colors, you should go the other way by making typography the central design element. To make the card look attractive, make sure you choose the right font and backdrop.

10) Tie it Up: A cute small tie can give a dimension to your wedding invites. You can keep the invite simple with beautiful typography, and design a knot with your wedding logo.

11) A Flap Design: Add some fun in your invites by developing it playfully. Instead of using separates you can create sketches related to function and provide the information under those sketches. Your guests will surely love to read each piece of information written under each flap.

12) The Play Card Design: If you want to give a luxury look to your design, then go with this innovative card design. You can replace the King & Queen with the Bride & Groom picture.  Add details to the other side of the design.

13) Lock the Date Invite: Are you looking for an extraordinary wedding invite design? Then go for the lock shape invites card and make your guests ‘lock the date’ rather than save the date.

14) Tiled Wedding Invite: If you think that tiles can only be used in kitchens and bathrooms, think again! Tile wedding invites are highly prevalent in Portugal and is a unique way to add some rustic charm to your wedding invitation.

15) Envelope Liners: If you want to keep your invites simple, you can add interest and glamour by designing the envelop liners. If you are planning for theme party then try to keep the design according to the theme. This way your guest will also get a hint of your wedding.

Wedding Decor

Depending on the venue contract, when it comes to the type of decor or making any changes in the space, there may be few restrictions. Example, you are not allowed to make any alteration to places like a museum or historic venues. Or if you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of decor and want to make everything personalized, then here are a few decorations that are low in maintenance but beautiful and appealing.

16) Leafy Menu: Greenery is completely trendy in the world of wedding, so why not add creatively. Display your menu in large leaf by using a paint pen and beautiful calligraphy.

17) Gold-Dipped Balloons: Liquid gold leaf can make everything look beautiful; even ordinary balloons. Let’s these golden beauty floats around your wedding to add sparkle to the atmosphere.

18) Grass Table Runner:  It’s common to set flowers on plain and simple strips of cloth. Why not add a little wow factor to your decor by using grass instead of cloth? Make sure you plant it in advance so that it can grow properly.

19) Upside Down Wine Glasses: It’s easy to make centerpieces for your wedding by turning traditional ideas upside down. Give a different perspective a wine glass, and they are suddenly the perfect DIY candlestick. You can place flowers, marbles or any other decor at the bottom of the glass.

20) Wooden Spools: Celebrate your crafty side with wooden spoons and yarn balls as a creative table decoration on your big day.

21) Paper Pinwheels: Pinwheels are expensive to buy. But these can easily be made using different colors and patterns. They can add whims to your wedding table, and are a fun accessory for guests to play with and take home.

22) Framed Chalkboard Wedding Sign: After the ceremony, guests never really know what to do with their paper programmes. Eliminate waste by painting over large chalkboard sign. This will help your guests in finding the right directions for all the arrangements and fun activities you have arranged for them.

23) Colored Dipped Cork Place Card Holders: Transform simple cork lids into affordable and vibrant place cards. Just use a knife to make a small cut on top of each cork lid and dip them into different cheerful colors. You can design them with your wedding logo or with some message.

24) Vintage Wood table numbers: Wooden table numbers always gives a classic look, especially in barn or backyard wedding. They add a countryside element to the most celestial celebration of your life. You can print numbers, names or even your wedding logo onto the cardstock.

25) Tree Photoboard: Wow your guests by displaying your pictures on a tree. It’s a great idea to use a tree as a display board. It looks beautiful, and if you have a family picture, then a family tree sign at the top would look amazing. You only have to put photos in frames and hang those frames on a tree. For night party, you can put string light along with the picture frames to make it look more catchy and magical.

26) Lace & Burlap Chair Ties: If your wedding theme is rustic then lace and burlaps make a beautiful and unique combination to add a little flair to the chairs.

27) Mason Jars: Another great way to decorate wedding chairs is to hang jars at the corner of the chair. Begin by tightly wrapping the rope or twine around the neck of the jar and hang it around the edges of the chair. If you want to go with fresh flowers, then filled the jar with water and put them inside the pot. You can also use artificial flowers for the decoration. The choice is all yours.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a traditional way to say thanks to all the guests for celebrating your special day. They are a final opportunity to send your friends and family home with an item that reminds them of all the special moments or fun they had during the wedding.

28) Homemade Jams: For those who love to spend their time in kitchen, there is no sweetener favor to gift than a tiny homemade jam jar. It has long shelf lives. Every time they eat it, it will remind them of your wedding day. Beautify the jars with cute ribbons and creative wrapping sheet with a personalized label thanking each guest for being part of your big day. To make the gift more creative, you can get customized tags with your wedding logo and message printed on it.

29) Bath Soak: Weddings can be a stressful time, not only for brides and grooms, but for friends and family too. Giving them a gift that can help in relieving their stress, can be a great idea. Add some sea salts, Epsom salts and essential oil in the cute small jar for calming and relaxing bath soak. Your guests will surely love it!
30) Truffles: Everyone loves chocolate. Truffles bring not only the element of elegance but also a perfect affordable wedding favor. They are easy to make and can be personalized easily. You can pack them according to your wedding theme with bride & groom name affixed on it. Make sure you choose good quality chocolate.

31) Potpourri: Let your guests enjoy the scent of a sweet-scented bag of homemade potpourri. Dried petals and spices last longer than the fresh flowers. You can make your own potpourri by mixing herbs, flowers, cinnamon sticks, and some essential oil. Keep the mixture in the airtight container for a week. Put them in a beautiful gift bag and send your guests home with this beautiful personalized gift. To give a special touch, you can use the same flowers that you will have on your wedding day.

32) Loose Tea: Tea is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. It not only refreshes the mood, but also has substantial health benefits. Giving a loose tea to your guests will be a great wedding favor. You can blend your tea with herbs from your garden and fruits (lemon, ginger) from your kitchen. To make it look attractive, you can pack them in pillow boxes, floral fabric bags, beautiful jar, etc. Don’t forget to design the packing with the wedding logo, the bride & groom’s name and date of the wedding.

33) Hangover Kit: Wedding parties are always full of fun, but the morning after isn’t. Hangover kits have become very popular choice these days. Open bar calls everyone during wedding night. Some guests may complaint of a headache the next morning. Give your guests (adults) a pain-relief morning with a kit containing aspirins, gum, mouthwash, eye mask, water bottle, and lot more items. Put wedding logo and couple’s name with a cute message showing you care for them.

34) Vanilla Extract: Who doesn’t have a place to put vanilla extract on the kitchen? Say thanks to your guests by giving them a little bottle of vanilla extract. Though it takes two months for the vanilla to grown-up, it’s a unique gift that will last for years. Soak vanilla beans in spiced rum, and keep it in a cool dark place for a month. Pour it into your favor bottles, put ribbons and labels, and you are done!

35) Mini Potted Plants: Though the idea of giving mini potted plants is not new, you definitely can customize these eco-friendly favors. You can use small terra cotta pots for plantation. Add a personal touch with a note and general care recommendation on the back so that the plant flourish well once taken home.

36) Scented Candles: Everyone loves scented candles. They can be used as aromatherapy, the centerpiece for dining table and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere at home. You can personalize them according to shapes, colors, and scents. Everyone has a different scent preference, and some are even allergic to a particular perfume. So it is better you go for soy or beeswax candles which are eco-friendly as well. Tie them with cute ribbons and fancy sheets that match with your theme color. Your guests will surely love this DIY wedding favor.

37) Ornaments: Say thanks to your guests by gifting them homemade ornaments for holiday season. This will reminds them of your wedding and the fun they had during the time. You can choose to give personalized Christmas balls, bells, handmade jewelry, engraved wooden ornaments, and much more. These are very economical wedding favors, and will not take much of your time. You can create these favors as per the age of the guests.

38) Seed Packets: If you don’t want to give your guests chocolates or any other edible item, then a pack of seeds can be a great wedding favor for you. This will make your guest remember your wedding day for a longer time. Seed packets will not break your wedding budget as well.

39) Lip balm: Who doesn’t love lip balm? It makes a great gift to guests. You can either make it at home or purchase high-quality natural balms from market. Don’t forget to put your name or wedding logo on the favor.

40) Warm socks: If you have planned to solemnize your wedding in the geographical location where the weather is unpredictable, plan it with this favor. Your guests will surely appreciate this!


Everyone dreams about their wedding day and thinks of the ideas to make it a special day. The key to having a wow wedding is to focus on all the details, even the smaller ones. Hope the above ideas will help you in turning your dream in reality.