Tips for the Best Drone Wedding Photography

Tips for the Best Drone Wedding Photography

Since 2015, the number of registered drones in Ireland has doubled from 5,000 to 12,500, according to the Breaking News. The popularity of drones has increased over the years due to the unique features that allow them to take action shots while maintaining a unique and fascinating perspective of photos. With the in-built cameras that rotate and swivel, photographers can take shots from all sorts of angles without interfering with image quality. Also, these small unmanned aircraft inspire creativity not only in sports, nature, or wildlife but also in wedding photography. That is why couples searching for the greatest wedding photography are investing more in drone photography services.

Learn about Licensing Requirements

Before you can start discussing photo shoots with the aerial photography service provider, make sure you understand the requirements for flying a drone. Some of the limitations you should be aware of include never operating a drone over an assembly of 12 or more people, over 400 feet above the ground, in restricted areas like prisons, and if it will be a cause of danger to other aircraft. According to the team at DroneGuru, authorities are strict when it comes to ensuring drone operators follow applicable laws and standards. And since drone photography is a commercial activity, your service provider must obtain a permit from the Aviation Authority even if the photo session will take place in your property.

Choose a Venue Suitable for Drone Photography

When choosing a wedding venue, remember drone photography is only ideal for outdoor events. You should consider locations like islands, parks, churchyards, or the countryside if you want to capture perfect drone wedding photographs. Once you have identified your ideal venue, experiment with the drone. Fly at different altitudes and take shots at different angles to see what works best for you. Additionally, take advantage of the surroundings to come up with creative images.

Prepare for Editing

No matter how well you prepare for wedding photo shoots, there is always a chance the event will not turn out according to plan. The weather might suddenly change, forcing you to alter the mood and make changes with the pose. You will also need to prepare for editing later on Photoshop to make sure your photographs look perfect, as you had planned.

Wedding photographs capture your special day for a lifetime, which is why you must invest in the right photography services. Make sure your aerial photographer uses the best drones available in the market. They should also guarantee quality images worth the money you will be spending on their drone photography services.