Choosing the right music for the night



Music is everything at a wedding. For guests it makes the difference between a day out with some free food or a party they won’t forget. As the music comes after the dinner and the speeches, guests will be physically at a low by the time the band starts. Often they will have eaten too much and drank too much and feel tired and uncomfortable. That’s why the band can make or break a wedding at this crucial stage. We have provided some tips for you to get great bands and music for your wedding.

Find out what you want

Everyone has different taste so figure out if you want 60s, 70s, 90s, rock or heavy metal. Be careful with techno, industrial metal or anything that’s hard on the ears. It may be your wedding day and your favourite music, but you have older relations and friends who probably won’t appreciate it. Find a middle ground and take it from there. Though make sure not to veer too much in the direction of the cruise chip DJ, everyone’s heard ‘Its Raining Men’ a million times so be a little bit more choosy.


Band or DJ or both

Bands are generally a lot more expensive than DJs, which cost between €200 and €300 a night. You won’t get a band for less than €1500- while there is no upper limit. If you have the money you can get Beyonce, Kylie Minogue or Rod Stewart to perform at your wedding, but they can cost up to €1million so chances are most people use a local band. If you do choose a band, go see them play first. Find out what kind of music they play. Bands can be great to get people going, but make sure you have an interesting front man, who has some personality who can entice your guests into making some shapes. The last thing you want is an empty dance floor. A great DJ can be enough, but make sure you sit down with him first and discuss a potential playlist. In most cases, people get a band and a DJ, but know who you are hiring. Give them a list of your favourite songs and see if you can perform something with them that you may have rehearsed earlier. It always gets a bit of a buzz going.

Ask around

Before you start booking bands and DJs online, ask friends and family if they know of anyone. In most cases, people will have a friend who is a DJ or been to a wedding where they heard an amazing band. Chances are you can get a cheaper deal too. It’s important to spend some time looking for music. Most people go for a band and then a DJ. It’s expensive, but without them your wedding is a lame, wet handshake of an affair and that’s the last thing you want. You’ve come this far, so spend some money on them. People will be talking about the entertainment a lot longer than they would about a wedding cake.