10 Most Popular Irish Wedding Bands

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So your wedding plans are well underway and it’s time to pick entertainment. Among the many options on the table is hiring a band. This will be the team responsible for the music played during the ceremony and if you like, during to the reception and after party. The problem is, you will be spoilt for choice; you have a vast number of choices ranging from the local garage bands to the ones who have won a national spotlight. You may therefore need some help figuring out which one to go with.

Friends, family and online searches are great sources of information on which group is currently rocking the wedding scenes. Questions however arise: What makes a good band? What kind of music should be played- covers or original compositions?  Will they keep your guests engaged and entertained? It is easier to make your pick when you have a list to compare and contrast. Here is our list for the 10 most popular Irish wedding bands.

Top Irish Wedding Bands

#0 The Dream Band

Does a large and multi-talented ensemble appeal to your love of live music? If so, then The Dream Band is your kind of band. This is one of Ireland’s best wedding and corporate performers. They bring to the table a 6 to 12-piece act, making them more than an average ensemble. The high flying band boasts of elite clientele- the likes of BMW and BA Airlines.

Behind the instruments is a multi-cultural group with members coming from as far as Japan and Peru. This versatility provides a unique blend of style and energy that will keep your wedding guests rocking all day long. What’s more, their packages also include an in-house DJ. They are also renowned for overseas performances, hence a good choice for your destination wedding.

#1 Pink Champagne

If you are looking for a dynamic and exciting group of performers, then Pink Champagne is just that. The band is made of four artists who can all sing, a unique quality not seen in most groups. They also boast of a star keyboard player who is also good with a trumpet. The band is renowned for their expert performance of wedding songs of all ages.

From 1940s songs to the current charts, Pink Champagne are ready to cover music from any decade you want. Their versatility and professionalism has seen many awards come their way. Such include Irish Wedding Awards’ “Entertainers of the Year” and multiple “Wedding Band of Year” Award from online publications. It’s also worth mentioning that they are available to perform at weddings abroad.

#2 The Firm

The Firm has been touted as one of the best wedding bands in the country, if not internationally. Made of some of Ireland’s best musicians, the group brings out energy and excitement in each and every song. With both male and female vocalists making up the crew of 5, the band is definitely versatile in every sense. They have performed in high profile events including at the Aviva Stadium.

Among its outstanding members is lead singer Laura who continues to receive praises for her amazing vocals. Reading the mood of the audience is also a strong suit of the group, so expect your guests to be engage at all times. The Firm comes with playlists touching on modern chart toppers, 80’s and 90’s hits, as well as waltzes and oldies. To better sample the band’s talent, you can attend free viewing in select establishments across Dublin.

#3 Jungle Boogie

Are you a rugby fan? Then you probably hear of Jungle Boogie, the homecoming band for the Ireland’s IRFU. The band is arguably one of the most professional outfits in the country, a trait that has allowed them to perform in over 1000 weddings. Behind this success is a 5 piece of talented individuals, each an artist in their own right. Among the outstanding talents is the lead singer Andrew, a finalist of the hit reality show, The Voice of Ireland.

Also in the ranks is Larry, who has worked with Bono and Ronan Keating. He also brings platinum-level mastery from performing and recording hit music over the years and writes music for television. What’s more, Jungle Boogie also boasts of Brian Hogan, a member of ‘Kila’, another successful band in the country. Not to forget Paul, the drummer who has played with some of Ireland’s top musicians.

#4 Party at the Back

Serving the island and Sunset Strip with 80’s music is the Tribute Band aptly named Party at the Back. The members, Blaze, Storm and Tico, have been rocking the greatest hits from the era in weddings across the country. The trio has over 50 years of experience between them, a trait that allows them to switch effortlessly between songs to keep guests on the party floor.

Their costumes and their general act are reminiscent of the great 80’s, meaning they can be a great addition to an oldies-themed wedding ceremony. The group has had world famous live shows that have seen their portfolio continue to rise with every event they perform at.

#5 Blue Moose

This is one of the high energy wedding bands in Ireland right now. The 5-man outfit is headed by Tony Ward, a founding member and accomplished showman. They have been performing for over 20 years and are a favorite addition to most Irish weddings. Each member has something unique to bring to the table which adds to the group’s versatility and success.

Tony can command any size of crowd, an experience that has led the group to many successful gigs both at home and abroad. The band’s guitarist, Phillip has been playing for over 30 years. Tamas is the man behind keyboards and is also trained in sax and clarinet. Production and engineering fall under Ben, an amazing instruments player who comes with endorsements from Zildjian Cymbals and Vater. Bass is manned by Keith, who has played alongside Lisa Mc Hugh among other great artists.

#6 The Celtic Factor

This is a band that will bring a unique traditional experience to your ceremony. The Celtic Factor identifies as a traditional Irish band and will comfortable handle oldies from way back. From ballads to Irish folk music, the group has a playlist that will bring nostalgia to everyone present.

It’s not just the singing that works for them, but also mastery of to the almost-forgotten instruments like the mandolin, accordion and the bodhrán. If you decide to hire the group, adding a few Irish dancers to the act can do for a wholesome event. What’s more, testimonials from previous party goers point to a band that is organized, energetic and accommodating.

#7 Brass Tacks

This is a rocking piece made of 4 accomplished musicians. The band has amassed lots of experience from playing with other successful acts such as The Frames, and James Vincent Mc Morrow and Jerry Fish. For a wedding gig, the group brings a set list of upbeat and fun music. They are also good at playing any music as per requests; be it jazz classics, slow instrumentals or current top chart music.

Among other things going for Brass Tacks is their considerably lower rates. This has seen them listed among best bands for a budget wedding. Their memorable performances and excellent crowd engagement have led to positive reviews and features in wedding publications.

#8 Boombastic Brass

This is a 6 piece brass band made up of 2 saxophones, a drummer, a trombone, a trumpet and a sousaphone. The group is known for high energy performance and chilled sets that are well timed. They are also renowned for electric walk about performances that are sure to keep guests on their feet and thoroughly delighted.

To ensure that the band is completely mobile at any given time, the drummer has his set in a portable harness. Their playlists are carefully selected to include both the classics and current chart toppers. Their style is well coordinated with individual talents also getting a chance to wow your guests.

#9 The Midnight Revellers

This Dublin based wedding band consisting of 3 members. It’s a cover band made up of highly professional and talented musicians. Between the ranks is a powerful exciting sound, which is sure to electrify any number of guests. They can supply any music of your choosing from classic Irish songs to modern hits.

The group also performs their own composition, courtesy of Andrew and Meg- a duo with pitch perfect harmony that is unrivaled by most musicians. The act is also flexible and can get an extra member if need arises. This allows for a combination of instruments and vocals for any part of your wedding; whether it’s the main ceremony, reception or after parties.

#10 Whitewater

The band was established in 2002 and has been performing ever since. They have continued to be on the rise, resulting in performances at major events and festivals across the country. They have also toured much of the UK which has made them a major force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Apart from rocking the wedding scenes, the band is available for corporate and exclusive parties. Wedding bands and DJs go together, a fact that has not escaped Whitewater. To ensure that you get a complete act, the groups offers packages inclusive of a DJ. This dynamic business model allows them to be a favorite for couples going for a budget wedding.

Final Word

The form of entertainment that you choose for your wedding is vital to the success of the day. It might make the difference between a plain and a lively ceremony. This is where a band comes in; with it comes the electric, lively and if need be, slow and cool music for everyone’s enjoyment.

The above list comprises of the top wedding bands worthy of your consideration. Our hotlist takes into consideration diverse groups including brass, jazz, Rock N’ Roll and traditional wedding bands.