The sound of love


Music adds solemnity, drama and emotion to your ceremony and atmosphere and fun to the celebration that night. The music and entertainment is meant to complement the style of your wedding – a formal wedding may require a string quartet at the reception or a more informal one might require the services of a DJ. Although there may be certain songs, tunes or styles of performance that are synonymous with weddings, choosing the music is all about individual and personal taste.


The bride and groom’s choices may be restricted at the church as your priest might not see the funny side of Another One Bites The Dust as recessional music. For the ceremony anthems, marches, processionals, organ music, hymns, solo singing, instrumentalists, string quartets or recorded music are all suitable. You will probably have a choir or a soloist and an organist who plays while the register is being signed. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to the soundtrack to your reception.

At the reception, quartier or instrumental music is perfect for dinner and conversation. Afterwards, the choice is often between live music with professional cover bands such as The Party Kings or The Ratzingers or getting a DJ to play recorded music. Whatever you decide, make sure you listen to a demo CD or, if possible, see the musicians play at a live venue or watch a video of their live performance. Make sure the band or DJ is able to perform your favourite songs that day. Check if the musicians will turn up in formalwear if required. Also find out how long they will play and what breaks they will have. After this has been settled, request a contract in writing.