Have Your Dream Smile on your Dream Day


On your wedding day, you should feel as confident and as beautiful as you possibly can.

When the cameras are flashing, capturing picture-perfect memories of your special day, the last thing you need is to feel insecure about your smile.

Organising an orthodontic consultation in plenty of time can be what brings your whole look together.

Your Options 


Incorporate Invisalign into your pre-wedding plans and let smile stresses fade away.

Say goodbye to train track braces with a sequence of custom-made clear aligners to move teeth, just in time for your wedding.

The liners are removable and almost invisible – this means, you can enjoy every second of your nuptial planning, without any fuss.

Enjoy those delicious cake tastings unrestricted – with Invisalign, you don’t need to change how or what you eat.


Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces are another option to get your smile right for when you tie the knot.

You can play around with different coloured elastics at appointments, and if you’re worried about metal brackets, there are ceramic options too!

It really depends on your individual work and social commitments along with your personal preference.

There are many 6-month treatment options available if your big day is just around the corner.

Give yourself the gift of perfect teeth – when the dress is taken off and the guests have gone home, you will still have your shiny new smile. Looking after your teeth is a lifetime investment.