Weddings can be Expensive! Tops Tips on Ways to Save Money For Your Wedding (and Honeymoon too)

Wedding fund

Saving money is an essential part of your wedding planning and honeymoon budget, but it’s not always an easy task

Budgeting is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. It will help you save money and make sure your day is everything you want it to be. In this article we look at some of the more fundamental ways to make the day more affordable. 

The following are some ways to save money on your wedding and honeymoon:

– Shop online for deals on dresses and other essential items

– Keep to a strict budget, make the hard choices where is required

– Ask for discounts from vendors by mentioning that you’re a bride or groom-to-be, or by mentioning that you’ve shopped with them before. Building up some loyalty or discounts is a big way to save when you are spending a significant amount. 

– Consider how much time, effort, and money you are willing to spend to make your day perfect. Don’t get into debt before you are even married. 

– Don’t buy lots of new outfits for your honeymoon. Spending big on clothes that you’ll probably only wear a few times is costly. Be wise, as travel costs are expensive too. 

– Ask friends and family for help with the expenses where its possible. Favours can be pulled in to bring down the overall cost of the event 

-Plan your wedding well in advance. If you plan the costs, nothing will be a surprise. This will allow you to keep to budget. 

– Don’t spend a lot of money on food and alcohol. Choose to spend on the memorable moments.  

– Use a DIY approach for decorations, this will save money and ensure that what you make is unique to you and your style. 

– Have your bridal party get involved with decorating and flowers where possible. It will keep them focused on the special day and allow them to get involved. 

The number one caveat in saving money is time – so plan ahead

Planning ahead will not only help you save money, but it will also give you peace of mind. A savings plan over a year can be very successful. 

This is because when you plan ahead and set aside a little bit of money each week, month or year, then you know that you have the funds available to cover an emergency expense or sudden expenditure.

You might be surprised at how much time and effort it takes to find the right savings account for your needs, so make sure that this task is on your to-do list. Keep this simple, and avoid using the ‘wedding money’ when you have the urge to spend. 

Do Your Research on Your Destination Wedding Venue

We recommend you to do your research and choose a destination wedding venue that suits your needs. There are so many venues looking for business. Find the right one for your tastes and your budget. 

Some of the factors that you should consider are:

-The cost of the venue

-The size of the venue

-The location of the venue

-The services offered by the venue

-Your budget

-The date of your wedding

Remember To Consider The Cost Of Engagement Rings And Honeymoons

It is important to consider the cost of engagement rings and honeymoons before getting married. There are many factors that can influence the cost of these items, such as the type of ring, the location where you will be married, and your budget.

The type of ring can have a significant impact on the price. If you want a diamond engagement ring, it will be more expensive than a gold ring. The location where you get married can also have an effect on prices because some states have higher taxes than others do. Finally, your budget will also affect how much you spend on these items. If you don’t want to spend too much money then you may want to get a cheaper ring or choose not to go on a honeymoon at all.

Look Into The Options For A DIY Wedding And Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

There are many options for DIY wedding and honeymoon destinations. You can plan your own destination wedding or honeymoon. You can also find a location that suits your needs and tastes and then plan the event yourself.

The world is your oyster when it comes to planning a honeymoon. There are so many destinations to choose from, but the most typical places to go are Fiji, Maldives, Thailand, Bali, Mauritius, Seychelles,… Booking through travel agents can save on bundle deals and will reduce the stress involved during the run up to the wedding day. 

DIY weddings are becoming more popular over time as couples want to have more of a say in their own special day. From venue to food, everything is customizable for them to make it as unique as possible. 

Let us know if you have any tips on how to save big.