6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring Design…



Now that he finally got on his knees, let’s get down to business. Shopping for the jewellery you guys will be wearing on your special day is a representation of a sealed deal, well, you may prefer to call it ”The Wedding Ring”. 

With so many rings and jewellery stores, getting your wedding rings may seem a herculean task, however, with proper guidance and tips at your fingertips, you might just be doing yourself a huge favour. 

Whether you’re going out on your own or you’ll be heading out shopping together, these extensive tips are key to finding the perfect wedding ring will go a long way to take the stress out of the process.

We recommend 6 Tips for finding the perfect wedding ring design…


Knowing what you both want in terms of shape and sparkle-factor will go a long way to getting to the right ring in time. Here, you and spouse should have one or two cuts in mind because every shape/ cut is evaluated inversely with a different price per carat to it. Note that Round Diamond cuts are the most expensive shapes whereas Pear and Marquis are less expensive. If the size is important to you, go for more carats with a less expensive shape. 


Wedding Rings
Gold wedding rings, Silver wedding rings, Rose Gold wedding rings

Customarily, Wedding rings are made from yellow gold rings,

however, if you want a contemporary style, then White or Rose-Gold is preferably what you should embrace while Titanium will suit your groom just fine. 

It is important to consider however your lifestyle and budget before deciding if the metal choice is an important part of your decision. You also want to think about if you want stones set in the bands as well. Note that Silver and Platinum may look alike but Platinum costs significantly more. It’s pricier because it has more weight to it, but it’s a soft metal and scratches easily. 


While you seek for the clearest possible Diamond despite the carat count, others look out for the size which for them is the kick-off point. Here is a guide, the colour and clarity can be tweaked to find something within your budget. So, if you choose a less common carat, you can save money. Diamond prices increase significantly when they weigh the most desired weights. 

Hey darling, keep your ideal carat size in mind when shopping together, and be flexible on the other elements to suit the budget. Also, you might think you know what size or shape you want, but then when you try it on, your priorities might change entirely because you’re seeing it on your finger in real life. 



Get measured! The case where both parties try to surprise each other without the slightest clue on what their ring sizes are is not ideal. The tip here is to ask your significant other’s BFF to do the measuring for you or borrow a fashion ring he or she wears every day. In this case, you won’t end up spending so much on a ring that cuts off your circulation every now and then or lose it from a slip off your fingers. To be on the safe side, your wedding ring should feel snug but comfortable. 


This is where you will both need to slow down on the euphoria of the day and get to real the business side of your acquisition. When you both conclude on the dream ring, you also want to make sure you purchase a certified stone from an accredited jeweller. It is important you ensure the Certificate Matches the Diamond You purchased 

Most are laser inscribed on the girdle and this can be checked with a jeweller’s loupe, while others have inclusions so you can look at the diamond to match the inadequacies to the map on the certificate. 

Shopping for your rings is probably the most fun part of this whole exercise! Who doesn’t enjoy looking through all the amazing and beautiful ring designs available? But remember that this is an important decision because you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life! So choose wisely


Whatever your focus is, make sure to go shopping for your wedding rings 3-4 months before the wedding day and don’t forget to negotiate like a Boss. 

See you at the altar