Here’s How To Plan A Spa-Themed Hen Party


Ireland has become a popular wellness destination, as people from all over the globe are visiting the country for a well-deserved spa break amidst the calming green countryside. Indeed, nothing can be more relaxing or indulgent than having a massage or a facial at an awesome spa, which is why brides usually take the time to get one or more treatments before the big day. Going to a spa can also be a fun group activity, so if you have yet to have your hen party, why not plan on having a spa-themed celebration? Whether you decide to do it at home or at an actual spa, aim to give everyone the most authentic and enjoyable spa experience that they’ll remember for years to come. Here’s a guide to planning a spa-themed hen party.

Book licensed massage therapists and facialists

If you’re hosting the hen party at home, then it’s essential to book licensed massage therapists and facialists for the day. Check the classified ads for a mobile massage service provider near your area and inform them about your spa-themed hen party. You should also tell them how many people will be at the party so they can figure out the proper therapist to client ratio for your event. Plan on having treatments that don’t run longer than one hour so that everyone can enjoy a proper massage or facial.

Going to a spa? Ask for group spa packages

If you’d rather have the hen party at a spa, confirm the number of attendees first, then visit at least three to four nearby spas or hotels to find out where you can get the best group deal. If the establishment is offering bundled treatments, get the basic package to save on cost. Massage specialists at Viva Day Spa affirm that a basic spa treatment package usually includes a one-hour massage and a facial or a manicure, so you can get this option for everyone in your party. If your budget allows it, you may want to treat the bride to a bridal spa package, which usually includes one or two more services such as a pedicure and a body scrub. If you can’t find group packages of if they’re being offered at a limited time, you may also want to check out sites such as Groupon as it’s where you can get spa vouchers for everyone.

Don’t forget to have food and gift bags for everyone

All that pampering can work up an appetite, so don’t forget to feed your guests. If you’re having the hen party at a residence, serve finger foods such as sandwiches, cut-up veggies, miniature chicken or beef pies, and other appetizers. Skip the bubbly or cappuccino and serve decaffeinated tea, fresh juices, or sparkling water as having caffeine or alcohol after a massage isn’t recommended. If you’re having the hen party at a spa, make sure that everyone’s done with their treatments, then go to a nearby cafe or bistro for a light snack. You should also plan on giving everyone a spa-themed gift bag so they can continue pampering themselves at home. The gift bag may contain items such as a small pot of homemade sugar scrub, bath gels, body lotion, and sheet masks.

Having a spa-themed hen party can give the bride and her loved ones a relaxing experience before the big day. Try these tips to plan an amazing hen party, and enjoy being pampered!