What Men Should Wear To Weddings As A Guest



Dressing for a wedding as a guest is often a hard subject. You don’t want to overdress and outdo the bride or groom, but at the same time you don’t want to underdress and create no impression. Therefore we’ve created this short guide to help.

The Occasion

The theme of the wedding is important in deciding what to wear. If it’s a summer wedding, a beach wedding, a church wedding or a small intimate affair, the type of wedding will determine the dress code.


Lets face it, if the wedding is based on a beach at hot climates; you’re not going to want to wear full suit, shirt and tie to match. You’re going to want to go for something a bit more lightweight, such as brushed cotton or linen and really dress down the look as much as you can.

Find out in advance the type of wedding it is and the type of dress code they expect. There’s nothing worse turning up to a wedding wearing something you shouldn’t be…

The Suit

As a wedding guest, a suit is your go to piece of clothing. It’s the first thing you should consider, and it’s the most important part of the look. If you don’t get the suit right, the rest of your outfit is going to follow.

Focus on fit, and go for something classic such as a navy or grey. Don’t try and outdo the groom opting for outlandish colours to stand out, keep it classic and keep it stylish. Build the rest of your look around the suit. If it’s a formal and classic wedding, go for a tie and shirt combination and if it’s in the winter layer up with some knitwear or a waistcoat. If it’s the summer, dress it down with a t-shirt or a buttoned down Oxford shirt with no tie.

The suit is the basis of your look, so make sure you focus on it.
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The Final Touches

Lets face it, the groom is probably going to opt for a silk tie in a ‘stand out’ colour (typically orange, purple or red). You don’t want to go down this route; you want to prove your class a bit more.

Go for a knitted tie, in a classic navy or add some colour to the look with prints or checks. The rest of the final touches is down to you, but don’t over accessorise. Go for a classic timepiece, some cufflinks if needed and that’s it… wearing too many accessories and trying to apply to many final touches to express your personality is a bad move.

Keep it simple. So there we have it, what to wear to a wedding broke down in simple steps.

There’s no excuse now to turn up to a wedding look unstylish, it really isn’t as hard as you think. Take advice from blogs, personal shoppers and magazines and invest some time and money into a good outfit for a wedding. You never know whom you’re going to impress…

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