Tungsten Wedding Bands – A Unique Blend of Class and Durability



When couples exchange wedding bands, it is always with a prayer that the marriage lasts forever. What every couple tying the knot would also want is the wedding rings to last as long and remain in a pristine condition like their love. Traditional wedding band materials like gold, silver and platinum being soft and malleable require extra care and routine maintenance to keep them in good condition. However, there’s a new generation of materials that deliver a far superior set of properties that ensure durability and close to zero-maintenance. Wedding bands manufactured from tungsten carbide, an ultra-hard material rules the roost. Take a look at why tungsten rings have become so popular and what variants are available.

 The Tough One on Your Finger

b2ap3_thumbnail_tungsten-wedding-ring.jpgTungsten rings are being increasingly preferred by young grooms and brides who value the sophistication and coolness-quotient of wedding bands crafted from space-age materials. They simply love its classy look, the astounding finishes that keep on looking new forever, and its tough and completely-scratch-resistant properties. It ranks next to diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness, scoring nine compared to the diamond’s perfect ten. It is so hard that laser engravings of decorative designs show up very well. The same technique is also used to lend it a wide variety of finishes that range from a scintillating mirror-like to an urbane brushed one. Completely resistant to tarnish and corrosion by any material known to man, it retains its pristine properties forever. The rhodium plate used to protect rings from tarnishing thus also becomes redundant. However, it is the pricing that will have the uninitiated swoon with joy – tungsten rings are completely affordable and cost just a fraction of their counterparts in gold or platinum. Discover a wide range of affordable options on cefashion.net 2015 guide on tungsten rings.

Why Are Tungsten Wedding Rings So Durable yet So Attractive?

b2ap3_thumbnail_tungsten-ring.jpgAn extremely dense and hard metal extracted from Wolframite ore, tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals – an incredible 6,100o F. However, only when mixed with carbon to form tungsten carbide it gets its legendary toughness and scratch-resistance. Tungsten carbide is four times as hard as titanium and two times as hard as steel, and consequently has found instant acceptance for a variety of industrial applications. Possessing a naturally grey color similar to that of steel, the material can be polished to a dazzling brightness or a finish applied that accentuates the depth of the grey. The sophisticated grey color also provides a perfect background if you wish to combine any precious metal like gold, silver or platinum as inlay work on the ring. Read more about this wonder material on the 2015 Tungsten wedding bands guide.

Types of Tungsten Available

b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed2.jpgDura tungsten uses a patented formula to combine titanium with tungsten to obtain a lighter weight without compromising on the hardness. The cryogenic process yields a material that is virtually indestructible yet around 20% lighter than the original. Rings made of Dura tungsten can be given a high polish with industrial-grade abrasives. Black tungsten is obtained by a process of physical vapor deposition on to the tungsten surface that yields a luxurious black shine that lends extra resistance to everyday friction. White tungsten is produced by another process that deposits coatings of metal in the platinum group. This process also helps to extend the life of wedding bands with its low frictional properties that resist daily wear and tear. The bright shiny white and lustrous looks make them hot favorites for wedding bands. The addition of the softer white metal though makes it a little more scratch-prone than the conventional grey tungsten. However, the durability of all the variants is so high that almost all leading jewelers will offer lifetime guarantee against breaking or chipping and warranty against scratches.

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