Getting Engaged in Ireland During the Festive Season



Christmas is the most exciting time of year and December is the most popular month for Irish couples to get engaged. In fact, one in every five engagements in Ireland takes place during the festive month. By contrast, January is the least popular month to pop the question. 21% of people think that Christmas Day itself along with New Year’s Eve are the best days to propose.

When it comes to the engagement ring, four in five men manage to keep the cost of the engagement ring secret from their bride-to-be, which is no mean feat. Of those grooms-to-be that do not manage to keep the cost a secret, unfortunately, one in three lie about the cost of their fiancé’s engagement ring. Cheekily, two in five grooms-to-be go so far as to double the price they actually paid for it. For more fascinating facts about wedding engagements in Ireland over the holiday period, have a look at this infographic produced by The Wedding Band Shop for more information.