Fantastic Wedding Favour Ideas


Wedding favours have been given for hundreds of years. Traditionally, they were only given to female guests and symbolised the newly married couple jointly bestowing their luck. Nowadays, weddings are more personalised and you have more freedom with your choice of favours and who to give them to. Giving favours is the perfect way to appreciate your guests for honouring your wedding day with their presence. With such a huge variety available to you these days, finding the perfect one can be a real struggle. Here are some fabulous ideas that will surely impress your guests.


Chocolate would make it into the top favours list of most brides and grooms. It’s a sure winner because most, if not all, of the guests will love to indulge in this wonderful sweat treat. Give them little boxed chocolates or chocolate bars in personalised wrappers.

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Mixed CDs

Everyone enjoys good music. Make a CD of your wedding playlist of your favourite songs for each and every guest. Without a doubt, there will be some songs in the playlist that will be a favourite among both you and your guests. Whenever they listen to them, they’ll have memories of your special day.



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Plant favours

Everybody needs a little green in their lives and nobody knows this better than the eco-friendly couple. If you have a soft spot for the environment, consider giving your guests small pants as wedding favours, such as herbs, bulbs, cacti and succulents. You can even take it a step further by having the favours complement your earthy, green wedding décor during the ceremony before handing them out.


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Little packets of seeds are beautiful long lasting reminders of your special day and symbolise how your love will grow over the course of your marriage. Seeds of plants, flowers and herbs can be acquired cheaply from your local garden centre.


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Fortune cookies

The colourful fortune cookies are a great way to say a heartfelt thank you to your guests. You can buy them or make them at home and personalise them with your own message inside.



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Lottery ticket

Your wedding is the culmination of the good luck you’ve had in love over the years. You can share this luck with your guests by giving them lottery tickets. You can even add some more fun by having your own wedding draw with numerous prizes up for grabs.



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Key rings

Key rings make great personalised thank you gifts. A popular option is customised bottle openers. Another great but expensive option is photo key rings. Photos of your guests can be taken during the early hours of your wedding ceremony and printed together with a personalised message to be issued during dinner. Because of the photo key ring having a photo of themselves, guests will definitely want to keep them for the rest of their lives; a perfect way to bring back the memories of your wedding day.


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Alcohol favours

If you have a big wedding budget, alcohol favours can be an ideal choice to delight your adult guests. Give miniature bottles of vodka, whiskey or any other alcoholic drink of your choice. Add customised labels to the bottles.


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Late night snacks

Your guests will really appreciate late night snacks like mini cupcakes and biscuits with some sweet icing to help nurse their hangover and give them some energy. Package the snacks in boxes tied with coordinated ribbons. You can match the packages with the theme of your wedding.



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Hangover kit

You can add a bit of humour to your special occasion by giving guests hangover kits. Fill out small bags with hangover cures such as headache tablets, mints, ear plugs, sleep masks and sachets of coffee. Your guests will appreciate your little show of concern for their welfare the morning after.


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