Wedding Trends & Ideas


Let’s face it: When it comes to wedding planning, sorting the details can be overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve covered everything, there’s always one more thing to do. Although wedding planning is tedious and seems never ending at times, it’s all worth it in the end. Bringing your family and friends together to celebrate the start of this next chapter in your life should be exciting!

For some brides, they have been putting together their details of their dream wedding for years! For others, planning starts at the engagement. No matter how many wedding details you have planned, here a few wedding trends and ideas to help inspire you in your planning process.

Wedding attire this year is all about sticking to a theme while including individuality. Let your bridesmaids individual style show with one of these BHLDN mix and match bridesmaid dress collections. Through choosing their own dress, your bridesmaids will feel even more a part of your special day, as well as confident in a dress that compliments their personal style. For groomsmen, try a look that is different from the traditional black tuxedo. The Black Tux offers suits and tuxedos that are elegant and timeless from their wedding collection. Stick to one suit or tuxedo across the board, but don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories like ties, bowties, and undershirts. Let your wedding party be a part of your special day through the suggestions they offer!

Choosing your lighting, florals, and decor themes are all excellent options for setting the mood and atmosphere of your wedding. For an effortless and modern wedding look, keep your decor simple and significant. Greenery, soft lighting, and vintage pieces are all alternatives to keep the look of your wedding refined and not overpowering. To give your wedding an aspect that is more sincere and sentimental, use old picture frames with photos of unforgettable moments inside. Create an atmosphere that is romantic and enchanting with warm glowing lanterns. Wildflowers and garlands of greenery are a subtle way to include pops of color. Meaningful quotes and family heirlooms are another option for creating a romantic and nostalgic environment. Let the decor of your wedding set an ambience and warmth that your guests won’t forget.

This year, wedding receptions are no longer a “piece of cake.” Receptions embrace an interactive and unique experiences for guests, straying away from the traditional wedding cake and dining styles. Instead of a sit-down meal, wedding receptions are now celebrated with food trucks, DIY food bars, and fun ideas that get guests off their feet. If you’ve never been a fan of cake, celebrate your special day with desserts like ice cream, macaroons, or fruit tarts. Serve sweet wedding treats individually so guests can skip the wait and enjoy a variety of desserts. Entertain your guests by building your own donut wall for your wedding day! When it comes to the details of your wedding, don’t be afraid to think outside of traditional wedding themes. Give your guests a unique experience they will talk about for years!

After your romantic ceremony, invite guests to enjoy each other’s company at a light cocktail hour. Give yourself time for wedding pictures, as your guests have the opportunity to relax and mingle together. In addition to the cocktail hour favorites like beer and wine, offer your guests a unique and memorable signature cocktail. If you’re struggling with a decision, offer two signature “his and her” cocktails. Your guests will not only enjoy trying something new, but they’ll also be able to try two of your favorites. Personalize the details of your cocktail hour with monogrammed napkins, glasses, and a fun customized photo booth for your guests to enjoy! Let your guests break the ice before your reception as they appreciate unique cocktails and stimulating conversation.

All in all, the most important part about planning your wedding is making sure that all the details are exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas, look at different themes, and ask questions. Use your ideas as well as others to make your wedding day picture perfect!