Creative Wedding Balloon Ideas


Have you been searching extensively for a fun detail to incorporate to your wedding? The perfect solution may be something very simple, like balloons! Balloons provide you with an easy and economical way to add a whimsical touch to your big day. There’s something about them that makes everyone from the young ones to the oldest want to be more playful and have more fun. If used correctly, they can transform your wedding into a spectacular event. How do you use them? Here are some of the creative ways to use balloons throughout your wedding.

Balloons provide some totally awesome photo opportunities for the bride and the groom. They create some diversity in your portraits by adding a splash of colour and childish fun.

Ceremony Backdrops

Balloons make brilliant backdrops that are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. They can be used as accents for the ceremony backdrop or to make the entire backdrop wall.

Cake Toppers

Tired of traditional cake toppers? You can bring in an element of uniqueness and fun to your wedding cake by using a single balloon or a bunch of them as toppers.

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Grand Entrance

Line the entrance to your wedding venue with oversize balloons to make your walk down the aisle unforgettable. The reception space’s foyer can be filled with balloons to make guests aware of the huge amount of fun they’re about to have. Your photographer and videographer should not pass up the great photo and filming opportunities as the guests arrive.

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Reception Décor

Balloons floating on a ceiling at an indoor reception create a great effect by adding extra colour to the space. They can also be tied to the tables and chairs to add a whimsical vibe. Including balloons in your centrepieces will add both height and visual punch to the venue. You can also simply leave them bouncing about the room to add some fun and colour to the proceedings.

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Table Numbers

Writing table numbers on balloons is a fabulous way of wowing your guests. The numbered balloons can be attached to the dining tables or used to create a wall seating chart. This cheap and chic idea will add pomp and colour to your reception and maintain the event’s party theme.

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Escort Cards

A wonderful way to get personal with your guests is by tying balloons to the escort cards. Write the guests’ names and table numbers on both sides of the balloons and tie them to the cards using matching embroidery thread. Each guest will love the experience of finding his or her personal balloon.

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If you are the non-traditional kind of girl that doesn’t believe in wedding gowns having to be white or brides having to carry flowers, the balloon bouquet is ideal for you. Carrying an oversized balloon or a couple of them down the aisle is a unique way to add a colourful, enchanting feel to the ceremony. Your bridal party can also carry balloons that match the theme and colour scheme of your wedding.

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Balloon Release

A wedding balloon release is a fun and creative alternative to the traditional rice and petals toss. Let your family and friends gather around the walkway and release balloons as you and your groom take the first walk as a newly married couple. You can also take fun, group shots with guests holding balloons and then releasing them into the sky.

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Special Words

Letter and number-shaped balloons can be used to write something special such as “love”, “just married”, the couple’s names, initials or the wedding date. They also make fun photo props and backdrops.

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Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Your youngest attendants will definitely love carrying a balloon down the aisle. Cute snaps will be a guarantee and the balloons will keep them happy and occupied throughout the ceremony. Just make sure you don’t tie the rings to the balloon strings as you wouldn’t want to imagine the horror that would follow if they lost hold of them.

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Just Married Car

Congratulations, you are just married. Now it’s time for the getaway car to whizz you off to your next destination. Filling your car with balloons will make your getaway more memorable. Use multicoloured balloons for more fun and flamboyant photos.

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