10 Most Popular Irish Wedding Singers

top irish wedding singers

Your wedding day is more than just a day when you say I do; it is a celebration that brings friends and family together to share in your joy. Music contributes to a big portion of this celebration.

When it comes down to choosing your wedding music, having a collection of music playing in the background may just not be enough to set the mood, elicit desired emotions and communicate your message of love the way you want it done. Fortunately, a wedding ceremony singer will not only do that but will also add a touch of sophistication and make your wedding music truly special for you, your significant other and your guests.

Getting married in Ireland opens you up to a host of wedding singers and you can honestly get lost in there as you look for the perfect one. To ease your burden, we have narrowed the list to 10 most popular wedding ceremony singers in Ireland. Whatever style works for you, you are bound to find just the right singer for your occasion.

#0 Jo Petit
With a vast experience in the music industry, Jo Petit is one of the most popular names in Ireland’s wedding entertainment scene. He has been part of successful groups such as ‘The Boulevard’ and supporting hug acts, such Westlife. Currently, he is part of an ensemble of talented musicians, rocking Ireland and overseas under the banner of The Dream Band- backed by Takeyama, Rocha, Tierney, Furey and Vial.

For your wedding, he brings a talent honed from growing up around jazz and soul tunes. With him in the lead, expect your guest to be entertained with music that cuts across all generations; from This is Love by Will. I Am to Last Waltz by Engelbert Humperdinck. Is yours a destination wedding? Jo goes where the music takes him; be it across the UK, Germany or an overseas venue of your choosing.

#1 Tracy Gallagher

Tracy Gallagher is singer/songwriter who offers you anything from specially preferred music to a cocktail of styles for your wedding. If you have no idea how to go about selecting music for your big day, Tracy will help both of you figure it out.

Whether your favorite genre is Classical, Traditional, Gospel, Contemporary, Hymns, Pop, Soul, Ballads or alternative music, she works closely with both of you to ensure that your wedding day music is “tailored to your individual taste and requirements”

Tracy, who is currently based in Dublin, originates from Mayo. She is available nationwide to sing for practically any type of wedding.

#2 Moon and Son

If you are looking to fill your wedding day airwaves with blues and jazz, you cannot go wrong with Nigel and Charlie, the father and son pair behind the Moon and Son outfit. Nigel Mooney has topped the list of jazz and blues singers in Ireland for over 30 years while his son, who has closely followed in the footsteps of his musical parents, has also curved out a reputation for himself with his sweet voice and guitar skills.

Whether you need music for your marriage ceremony, reception, or both, the pair, armed with their guitars have your back. Moon and Son are available to perform nationwide. While they are complete on their own, they offer you a provision for added musicians at an extra cost should you prefer it especially for the reception.

#3 Laura Bolger

Laura comes with an experience spanning 20 years as a leading wedding singer. Based in Dublin and Leinster, she has graced many events including corporate and private ceremonies in the region and nationally. She is also ready to fly off abroad to a destination wedding venue of your choosing. With many weddings under her belt, she can be instrumental at picking the right playlist for your ceremony.

From church weddings and civil unions to humanist ceremonies, Laura has music lined up for every occasion. Her expertise and passion comes from training as a vocalist in various genres. Her performances include classical songs, traditional songs, and modern chart toppers. She is also known for mastery of contemporary as well as religious music.

#4 Antoinette

Antoinette is a Dublin based church and wedding singer. She started out with the St a folk group for over 10 years, before embarking on a solo career. Over the years, she has worked with many ensembles including Soul & Motown bands, in both national and international engagements. Some of her overseas performances have seen her traveling to Israel, Singapore and Qatar among other regions.

Her services include church and civil ceremonies as well as pre-dinner and reception entertainment. Her charges are typically favorable with the option of negotiable fees depending on location and type of services required. Typically she charges from €450 for a wedding ceremony in Dublin- price inclusive of a piano player.

#5 John Walsh

John is an accomplished singer and guitar player based in Dublin. He is a wedding singer with a unique take on different songs. Being one of the best professional guitarists in Ireland has seen John prosper in both solo and ensemble performances. He has vast experience in performing at different ceremonies including civil unions, church weddings, reception and after wedding parties.

For the main ceremony he has a fitting selection of church and classical music while the reception gets Flamenco and Latin tunes. His set list is also flexible enough to accommodate requests, be it contemporary or popular modern hits. His music selection is known to add character and warmth to any celebration. To make the presentation even better, he is ready to give suggestions on other additional singers.

#6 Fiach Moriarty

Here is one Irish singer fit to perform in any occasion and for whichever number of guests in attendance. Fiach Moriarty is a renowned singer and songwriter with a stellar reputation that puts him amongst the greatest lead singers in the country. He has had a successful career working with award winners such a Paul Brady, Brian Kennedy, Declan O’Rourke, Paddy Casey and Una Healy.

Also, he has performed in televisions shows such as Ray D’arcy Show, Other Voices and Saturday Night Show. His style is one that will bring sparkle and joy to your ceremony. He is open to performing at all weddings be they civil, church or other such ceremonies. His services are packaged to include pre-wedding consultation, female singer, reception entertainment and nationwide travel, and so on.

#7 Maria Fitzgerald

A personal touch and perfect planning is among the qualities that define Maria Fitzgerald. She is a singer with over 15 years of experience singing in weddings throughout Ireland and abroad. Also, she is a graduate of the ‘Royal Academy of Music’ in London. She comes with a team of accomplished musicians with whom she has created some memorable music in every wedding.

To help in ensuring smooth running of the day’s music, Maria offers favourable packages. Such include additional instrument players and varying music set list depending on your personal preferences. The team has had a god run appearing in performances with U2, Michael Buble, The National Symphony Orchestra and The Late Late Show.

#8 Sinéad Walshe

Sinéad is an award winning singer and harpist who is available to perform at a wide range of events. She is a highly trained classical musician with over 20 years of experience. She started her career as a resident singer and harpist for different venues in the 90’s before settling in Dublin. She now performs for different occasions including wedding and corporate events.

Her extensive repertoire has seen her grace weddings across the country, including performances in Adare Manor, one of Ireland’s top wedding venues. She can sing and play varying genres including sacred, traditional and classical pieces. Whether it’s during the procession or reception, Sinéad comes prepared with a song for every part of your ceremony. She also plays as part of harpist trio as well as in combination with violinists.

#9 Joanna Marie Burke

Joanna is a songwriter, singer and music enthusiast with over 12 years of experience performing in weddings. Her style is a creative set list with less traditional songs. She however welcomes input from the happy couple on choice of songs, to help in capturing the right mood. Her solo act usually involves guitar playing, which she is an expert at.

For additional instruments, she can get you in touch with other musicians in her circle. She has recorded music with fellow artist Daniel Vezoja and released several singles- music that is sure to get guests interested. Most of her performances involves the services of a backing guitarist; a combination that has resulted in beautiful and unique music.

#10 Kevin O’Sullivan

Kevin is a church singer who is available for any type of wedding. He performs in civil, church, and spiritual ceremonies as well as in corporate ceremonies across the country. He is a skilled vocalist with several awards under his belt, including winning the ‘Leinster Vocal Championship’, ‘Stars of Our Bars’ and the ‘All South Singing

His packages are tailored to deliver entertainment and sublime atmosphere to your ceremony. Booking music for the main ceremony together with pre-dinner entertainment gets you a special discount. What’s more, he has fellow artists ready to step in for the ultimate entertainment package- a 2 piece band (Orion) and a DJ.

Final Word

Singers are a great addition to any wedding ceremony. Depending on choice of songs and how the performance is executed, they can set the mood which does a great job in keeping your guests entertained. That said, each singer comes with an advantage over the others, depending on specialty and passion. The above list samples the best wedding singers Ireland has to offer, making it easier for you to hire the best solo act or ensemble for your big day.