How to Find the Best Wedding Stationery and Invitations


There are never any “easy” jobs when it comes to planning a wedding. Every little detail matters, even the smallest jobs, such as selecting the appropriate wedding stationery and invitations, is extremely important. After all, this is supposed to be your perfect day, which means everything involved needs to be absolutely perfect, or at least up to your standards.


There are a lot of wedding stationery companies out there that specialize in creating unique wedding invitations. You’ll need to sort through all of these available companies and find the company with the right attitude, the right price, and the right invitations for your wedding. If you need a little help finding the perfect invitations, have no worries because we’ve gathered some useful tips that will point you in the right direction.



Start with a sample.

You’re likely to run across a lot of wedding invitations and stationery online that look incredible, but it’s not hard for something to look good on the internet. Don’t make the purchase until you’ve ordered a sample of the invitations. A sample will give you a real idea of how the card looks and feels in person. Things like the quality of the card, the print of design and text, and the finish on the stationery are all important factors that are hard or impossible to gauge on the internet. Ordering samples could save you from a terrible mistake like ordering hundreds of invitations that wind up looking terrible. Use the sample to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.



Order more than you’ll need.

Start by determine how many invitations you’ll need for your wedding. You’ll then want to add another 10 or 20 invitations on top of this. This will help cover any lost invitations that might go missing in the mail. You might also realize you forgot to invite someone and having a spare invitation handy could save you from an embarrassing moment. Hand writing guest names on invitations always results in one or two wasted cards where the names were incorrectly recorded. Having a few spares helps protect against these mistakes. You should also check with the company for their minimum order requirements. Most companies have a minimum order because of how the printers work.



Get a friend to proof read the stationery.

This is where having a friend with good grammar and spelling comes in handy. Sure, the designers will do their part to ensure that the invitations are error free, but they absolutely should be given a thorough reading by you or someone you trust with good grammar. This could save you from sending out an invitation with an embarrassing mistake in plain view. It’s really best to let a friend or family member review the cards because it’s easier for you to overlook mistakes as you are writing the names. A fresh perspective is more likely to catch any hidden errors that you definitely don’t want on your invitations.

Stationery and invitations are only a small part of any wedding, but they are just as important as every other aspect and deserve the same attention to detail.