Ireland’s Longest-Wed Couple Shares Their Thoughts on Marriage



Married in 1940, James and Margaret Hurley’s 74-year marriage is the longest marriage in all of Ireland. He was 18 when they married, she was 20 years old and they had five children over the course of their marriage. At this time, they have seven great grandchildren and 12 grandchildren.
The 91-year-old James and 93-year-old Margaret were discovered in a nationwide search for the longest-married couple in Ireland after their granddaughter Sophie Fitzpatrick (24) submitted their names to the contest.

On their longevity, Margaret said, “It’s easy to live a long and happy life when you marry your best friend and I always tried to mind it.” She added, “We are extremely close and have always enjoyed each other’s company.”
And James seems like he will never get his fill of Margaret. He said, “She is a very gentle, extremely caring woman. I always loved her sense of humor, too.”

After the countrywide search for Ireland’s longest-married couple, the Catholic Grandparents Association of Ireland held a ceremony in Knock for three longstanding marriages, including that of James and Margaret. The other couples in the celebration included the 70-years married Ned and Eileen Cusack as well as the 68-years married Eileen and Michael Walsh.

Granddaughter Sophie reported that during the Hurley’s 70th wedding anniversary, James said to his beloved wife, “I hope we will never part.” Considering how strong their love seems to be, we’re sure the happy couple will be together forever, even after departing their Earthly bodies. Their spirit seems far too strong not to.

From this incredible couple’s tender words about each other, it is easy to see why they have lasted so long. They truly seem to care for, love, and respect each other in a way that defies words, and defining love has been a task people have attempted for generations.