Best Wedding Rings You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life



Everybody has their preference when it comes to the ring they choose to spend the rest of their lives wearing. Like most of us, this means something kind of simple with a diamond in it that’s nice to show off from time to time. However, every once in a while, we come across some seriously awesome rings that, had we known about them, would have changed the tan line on our fingers forever.


1. A Lager Ring at its Best



For the lady that wants to propose to her man (and pretty much guarantee a “yes”), this Heineken ring is an absolutely brilliant choice.

2. Getting… Screwed



Okay, we’ll not go into much detail about screw and nut puns, but the symbolism behind this ring set can actually be kind of cute if you look at it as though the wearers are a perfect fit for each other, right?

3. Cuffed, for Life



Other than the obvious handcuff motif of this particular ring, there are some very cool design elements going on here. First, that diamond looks like it could fall out at any moment, giving it a neat floating look. Second, the ring itself looks like it should have articulating joints, but the ring is actually solid in construction.

4. The Fixer



Nothing quite says a woman can fix a man up right like a permanent piece of jewelry that looks like a wrench!

5. MARRIAGE.proposal = “Robotic Ring”



This ring concept is one of the coolest pieces of digital art we’ve seen in ages. This is the kind of aesthetics that would actually prompt a man to switch out his current ring for something new, even if his original ring looked like a Heineken bottle cap.

6. Plugging In, For Life



This ring pair is especially nice for couples who have a shared love of all things electronics (and each other).

7. Hello Ring-y



Especially after the recent revelation that Hello Kitty is actually a human being, we have a very hard time taking this ring seriously. I mean, if the character couldn’t even be honest with us, why should we thing the person giving us this ring is honest, either?

8. Have a Cat 5 Jacked Marriage



Even geekier than the plug extension rings posted at #6, these Cat 5 network male and female rings are pretty good signifiers of a perfect couple. Honestly, who’d wear these together except for a couple who was truly made for each other?

9. I Choose You!



As one of the popular catchphrases that’s come from the Pokemon franchise is, “I choose you,” this pokeball diamond and ruby (we’re guessing on this one) ring looks like it has both has enough carats and cultural referencing to make it the most amazing ring of all time.

Which of these rings is your favorite? We’re particular to 1, 5 and 9!