Should I change my name after marriage?


What’s in the name?

A LOT apparently when we sat down and actually thought about it!!

We were chatting to a bride-to-be last week who was undecided as to whether or not she was changing her name after her wedding .

Our advice? It’s really a matter of personal choice, some people associate their name with a sense of their own identity and may wish to keep it after they marry for that reason (which is perfectly fine!).

signing-the-registerOthers may want to change it as they may feel that the name change completes the marriage and commitment process. On the flip side however, the name change may not necessarily be an important part of the process for some so changing their name after the wedding ceremony may not be meaningful to them..


Others may want to change it to ‘keep it simple’ if & when children come along .

Obviously we can’t tell you what you should do BUT we can tell you that as romantic as it may be, there’s a lot of administration involved so here we give you a list of some things you may need to consider changing when the time comes!

NB – this is by no means an exhaustive list – it’s suggestions only – additionally we cannot be held responsible should you decide (in the name of love!) to change your name from Hannah Brown to Hanna Bananahammock and subsequently decide it’s not for you!

Items for consideration:

Notify your bank

  • bank accounts may need to be updated cheque
  • books may need to be re-issued
  • Debit / credit cards may need to be re-issued


bride and groom signing the registerNotify your Employer – employee details and any employee records held on file may need to be updated

Tax office will need to be notified / a new PPS card may need to be issued

Passport details will need to be updated.

Drivers licence will need to be updated.

Life assurance company may need to be notified (check your policies)

Doctor, dentist and / or other medical records may need to be updated

Gas / Electricity companies may need to be notified

Live register will need to be updated

Will or legal documents may need to be updated – check with your solicitor!

So there you go – a LOT of administration in there once you decide to take the plunge & change your name – but hey, it’s all in the name of love – so we say why not 😉