Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Bouquets


It is an age-old tradition to include a fresh floral bouquet in a wedding. Many brides cannot think of anything other than walking down the aisle with a bunch of fresh flowers. However, if you are not a fan of flowers, are allergic to them or want to stand out, it may be necessary for you to look for other ideas instead of the traditional bouquet. Not to worry, there are many fabulous alternatives that may work for you. Check out these fun alternatives and decide which one is right for you.

Brooch bouquet

One of the most beautiful alternatives to fresh flowers is the brooch bouquet. It is made of old, sparkly brooches, the kind the older generation wore. It is perfect for vintage-inspired weddings. It can be customised to match the theme of your big day. You can make the bouquet extra special by including brooches you were given by family members. This beautiful keepsake can be admired long after the wedding is over and can be passed down to other family members or friends.  

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Paper flowers are becoming more and more popular. They are perfect for brides and grooms who want something unique that they can cherish long after the wedding day. Paper gives you endless options. If you are a bookworm, you can create flowers from the pages of your favourite novel. You can use music sheets to show your love for a song or music in general. Patterns or coloured paper that complements your theme is also a great option. Paper flowers cost less than real flowers and making them is an easy DIY project.

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The button bouquet is a pretty and quirky alternative to the traditional floral bouquet. It is cheap, unique and can nicely complement your wedding’s bright theme. If your theme is subtle, you can use pearl and ivory buttons. You can enhance the bouquet’s beauty by mixing buttons with jewels and artificial flowers.

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If you love all things soft and beautiful and find the feel of brooch and button bouquets to be a bit too hard for your liking, fabric flowers might be just what you are looking for. They are not only soft but also easily customisable and have a more natural look. You can match them with your theme, dress or coloured elements of your groom’s attire such as the lining or tie. They are perfect for flower girls as they don’t get damaged as easily as real flowers.  

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Ribbon flowers are stunning creations that look good in photographs. They can serve as a hand bouquet as well as reception décor. You can use one type of ribbon in different colours or multicoloured ribbons to create a colourful look. Roses made from rolls of ribbon can be tied together using a complementary or contrasting ribbon or a different fabric.

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Would you love to add a whimsical touch to your wedding? Why not carry a bouquet created out of feathers? Feather bouquets are soft, beautiful, glamorous and last forever.

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There is something romantic about candlelight that is hard to explain in words. You can set the romantic tone for your entrance using glass lanterns with flickering candles. Let your maids light the aisle as you make the grand entrance. You can also carry one or opt for a different type of bouquet. Lanterns can double up as décor as dusk approaches. They can also be the perfect gift from you to your maids to remind them of your special day. They are great for winter and outdoor weddings.

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Some brides prefer carrying baskets down the aisle, giving them the freedom to carry whatever they wish. You can carry items that bring out the theme of our wedding or items related to the season such as pine cones and holly berries for a winter wedding.

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Rosary or Bible

 For a religious ceremony, you can carry a rosary or a Bible. The two items symbolize purity. Consider carrying a jewelled rosary or one coordinated with the wedding colours, or a Bible covered with lace.

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A fan is ideal for spring, summer and destination weddings. They come in many different shapes, sizes, materials and colours. You’re therefore sure to find something perfect for your wedding. A bright coloured paper fan is great for a fun retro celebration whereas a cream lace or painted silk fan is ideal for creating a vintage and timeless look.

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Carrying balloons down the aisle is a great way to light up the ceremony and create an enthralling atmosphere. There are many varieties to choose from. If you think carrying a balloon is a bit too childish for you, let the flower girl carry it instead.

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Jewels such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires add an extra bit of sparkle and glam. This bouquet will charm your guests and make you feel like a princess.

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The seashell bouquet is ideal for beach and destination weddings. It is not affected by weather and can become the perfect keepsake to be handed down from generation to generation. The colour of the shells can be accented with a ribbon. The bouquet can be given an elegant look by adding some jewellery.

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