Latest Wedding Trends 2015



Are you about to get married and are wondering what the latest wedding trends are? Worry no more as we have done lots of research and handpicked the latest trends and ideas. You may recognize some from last year and find some to be totally new. All in all, they are all worth considering for your big day.


1. Naked cakes

The naked cake was so popular last year and by the look of things it is here to stay, at least for a year or so. These cakes are exposed with no icing. The exposed sweets seem to have an inexplicable charm that makes these cakes grow in popularity. They are perfect for all seasons and can be easily decorated. The minimal style of these cakes can be complemented with word cake toppers, fresh flowers or anything that’s personal or colourful.


2. Glitter

Brides and grooms are increasingly turning to gold, silver and bronze glitter to add glamour to their big day. The glitter factor is being seen in many things including the bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, cake toppers and photo booth backdrops. The good thing about glitter is that you can use your creativity to add it to just about anything in your wedding.



3. Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, sexy and sophisticated, the off-the-shoulder gown will be perfect for you. This head turner shows off a bit of your skin without being too revealing. You therefore don’t have to worry about making your parents or grandparents uncomfortable. There are many variations and fabrics to choose from. The dress is ideal for summer and destination weddings.


4. Cocktail bars

As weddings become more personalised in 2015, cocktail bars have become a hot trend. They offer a great way to personalise the special event and add the “wow” factor to the day. Use your creativity to set up a fancy bar complete with staff to serve guests with some bubbly, brandy, lemonade or your own customised cocktail as they arrive or during the evening party.


5. Out-of-the-ordinary wedding venues

Non-religious wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. Many couples are opting to tie the knot away from the church. Civil ceremonies are on the rise. Other popular wedding venues are castles, museums, summer camps, ranches and private estates. The good thing about these unexpected locations is that the space can speak for itself meaning you don’t have to invest a lot in décor. Logistics may however be more of an issue in these venues than in traditional venues.


6. Food trucks

We had previously been accustomed to buffet style service and people sitting down to have their food in weddings. Finally, couples are adding some creativity to how they serve food by using food trucks. Food trucks are not limited to certain types of food. They can serve anything from fired foods to mini-foods such as tacos, cheesestakes and cupcakes. They are a great substitute for a formal dinner or drinks reception. Just ensure you have enough trucks to prevent a huge line of guests from building.

7. Dessert tables

Dessert tables have been popular in the US and are also becoming popular in Ireland. They consist of a wide variety of pastries, chocolates and mini cakes. They are a great alternative to plated desserts. They can be used to serve late night snacks or personalised boxes containing snacks to guests as they leave the wedding.  You can choose to DIY your dessert table or hire a bakery that can offer the service.


8. Edible favours

Brides and grooms are once again embracing the tradition of edible favours. Many couples are choosing to give guests an array of consumable gifts to munch on. Whether it’s a lollipop, jar of cookies or take homes from the sweet or dessert table, you can never go wrong with tasty favours.


9. Separates

As time progresses, weddings are becoming less traditional. This can be clearly seen in wedding dresses. Brides are opting to wear wedding dress separates instead of the traditional one-piece dresses. Separates are a fantastic way of creating a unique, bohemian and exquisite look. They are also ideal for brides with pear-shaped bodies.


10. Going green

More green is being incorporated into weddings. Couples are adding green to the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, chairs and even menus. We are seeing a lot of leafy bouquets, herbs on boutonnieres, guests’ chairs and bride and groom’s chairs highlighted by fresh greenery, green table garlands and green plants and herbs being used to frame menus. Going green is a simple and effective way of drawing the scenery around you. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary and mint can make beautiful green decorations.