Most Amazing Wedding Theme Ideas Worldwide

sunset wedding theme ideas

Some people know exactly what they want the moment they get engaged. They’ve had their wedding planned out for years; everything from the floral arrangements to the dress style is on a secret Pinterest board before anyone says “yes.”

For other people, visualizing what they want isn’t so simple. They get overwhelmed by the ideas and inspiration that’s available with them and struggle with choosing something unique.

If you fall into the latter category, help is on the way. Here are five of the most amazing wedding theme ideas worldwide.


Imagine capturing the joy you once experienced when going to a carnival as a child. The smell of popcorn, the rides, the fun and laughter– being able to recreate that childlike wonder would be a dream.

Having a carnival wedding allows you to do just that. There are a few ways to go about it: plan your wedding for a weekend when a carnival is in town and crash. Alternatively, get a large space to host your own. Rent a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round, set up a big tent for the ceremony, Grab a fun, vintage dress, eat cotton candy, and marry the love of your life.


Eco-chic is a fan-favorite theme for the millennial generation. The goal of this approach is to minimize the negative impact your event has on the environment. The wedding industry has a disposable dark-side that eco-conscious couples try to avoid.

Use natural surroundings rather than purchasing flowers. Give trees to plant as wedding favors. Use seed paper for your invitations. Opt for natural lighting and acoustic music rather than plugging in. Cap it off by having a tech-free ceremony that will keep your guests engaged and your photos incredible. Use some old bourbon barrels for the decor as well, and even turn them into some handy object after the big day!

wedding theme ideas worldwide


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made being a geek cool. If you grew up with superhero posters on your wall and dreams of getting bit by a radioactive spider, this theme is for you.

Opt for bridesmaid dresses in colors that represent your favorite heroes. Send out comic book style invitations with commissioned graphics of you and your spouse. Use speech and action bubbles as a part of your decor. Finally, have a heroes versus villains choreographed battle rather than a bridal party dance. Even your non-geeky guests will love it!

Summer Camp

Wedding weekends are an increasingly popular trend in the world of weddings. Couples understand the value of stretching out the event and getting a chance to interact with everyone, as the wedding day can be such a whirlwind.

The summer camp theme is a great way to host a large group in a way that’s fun an interactive. Arrange for camp-style games the day before the wedding. Have a bonfire, roast smores, and mingle with your guests. Provide plaid blankets and camp packs with bug spray and sunscreen as welcome packets. Roll your wedding and summer vacation into one incredible event. You can even settle your honeymoon at the same location, and ask your guest to participate in sharing costs of it by creating a honeymoon registry – which will make it more easy for you to arrange such a big manifestation!

Setting Sail

The nautical theme has long been a time-honored tradition around the world. Take that experience to the next level with a wedding aboard a ship. Depending on your location and budget, you can take advantage of a cruise liner or have a pirate-inspired wedding aboard a traditional tall ship.

Who needs floral decor when you have the sun setting over the waves on the wide-open sea? If nothing else, the photos will be spectacular.

If you’ve been struggling to find a wedding theme idea that speaks to you, try one of the above. Alternatively, make the theme of your wedding “Us.” Mix and match your favorite things and celebrate your love in the truest way possible. No two “us” themes are alike!