The Beauty Planner! (3/3)



Image: The Brides Tree

The classic bridal look might be natural and glowing but as every girl knows, it takes a lot of hard work to get this particular look and it’s never too soon to start…


Body Beautiful


Never too soon…

An upcoming wedding is the biggest motivation ever for getting into shape. Start by looking at your diet and how you can improve on this. If you want to lose weight, remember that sustainable weight loss is one to two pounds a week, and this should be achieved through healthy eating. With so long to go to your wedding, there’s no need to resort to last-minute fad diets, so seize the opportunity to lose weight the healthy way. Next, take a look at your fitness regime, and join a gym or a class if you need to. Alternatively, incorporate 30 minutes of brisk exercise into your daily routine, be it walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift etc.


Six months to go…b2ap3_thumbnail_Neutrogena-Sugar-Scrub-Body-Exfoliator-Energizing-Citrus.jpg

Start exfoliating your body regularly, either by using a body brush or with a salt polish-style product. Remember to use a good body lotion after EVERY shower of bath, particularly in the winter


Three months to go…

If you are planning on using a fake tan for your wedding, start researching now and try out ones that seem most suitable for your skin tone and type. An alternative is the daily tanners, such as Johnson’s Holiday Skin, which can be easier to apply and is obviously a cheaper option.


One month to go…

Begin looking at your nails and commit to a weekly manicure coming up to the day, either done by yourself or by a professional.


One week to go…

Make your appointments for waxing, tanning and your final manicure. Your wax should be done at least about three-four days before your wedding day, and your tan about two days before. Keep your manicure to the night before so it’s nice and fresh for the day. Remember to stick to natural colours on your nails; a French polish is ideal. If possible, book in for a massage to help you relax, and try to have a bath the night before the big day!


On the day…

Try to relax and enjoy yourself. Remember to eat a good breakfast and some lunch if it’s an afternoon wedding – it can be a long day until dinner is served. Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready, so panic is kept to a minimum. And, above all, smile!

Image: Ewa Figaszewska Photography