The Role of The Best Man


Currently, one of the most enjoyable tasks in the world belongs with that of the Best Man.Responsible for the basic ‘safety’ (to put it nicely!) of the bridegroom, the best man speech, and the stag night, the Best Man has the weight of the wedding on his shoulders!


The idea of the stag night is an occasion for the groom to be to get out for one last ‘knees-up’ with his friends. It functions as an occasion for the husband-to-be to bring his single life to a (hopefully not too!) climatic end.

Common choices for a stag night (more commonly weekends away these days) vary from a golfing break to a week away in the sun – with Vegas being a popular choice for bride-grooms. City breaks are also quite popular (but without the obligatory pampering associated with the ‘Hen’ city breaks!). There are tonnes of choices out there – the ultimate decision however will depend on the general consensus of the stag party and what their general interests are.

The next area of responsibility for the Best Man lies with the speech. This is a biggie – you want to get the sentiment across but in a humorous manner. Keep it simple – generally straightforward and honest is an excellent way to go. Throw in little anecdotes about the groom but be careful about being too generous with the detail – think of the audience (and of course the new wife. Sometimes it’s best to keep SOME secrets between friends!!)

After the speeches are done – what’s left for the best man but to party – enjoy!

And ps – as an aside, we’ve seen brothers and friends fall out over who gets to be best man, so choose very wisely!