The Wedding of Their Dreams


Sitter: Brandon Marks, Seattle, WA
Dog: Della
Sitter on the platform since late August of 2014

Hen parties, tux rentals, and ringbearer pillows fit for dogs. This cocktail fit for a romantic comedy can only mean one thing: wedding season. While the stress of planning can be unavoidable, the beautiful vow made by lovers–through sickness and health, strife and laughter, dog poop and cuddles–far outweighs the burden of planning. Though this is a magical time in your life and love conquers all, someone still has to pay for it.

Is that someone you? Do you need extra income to offset some burgeoning wedding costs? Did you react with a voracious nod and grip your computer in desperation for answers? Numerous options to offset wedding costs exist, some more creative than others. Let me introduce you to a sitter on Rover who lives in Seattle with his wife and black lab, Della. His wedding story is inspiring, financially creative, and totally achievable.

In an effort to make money to plan their wedding, Brandon and his wife Kaycee turned to the sharing economy. While extra income was an obvious benefit of running their new pet-sitting business on Rover, the reward went far beyond monetary. Della, their affable lab, quickly made new dog friends. Brandon and Kaycee even included Della in their big day by hiring another sitter on Rover to hang out with her at the wedding so Della could participate in the ceremony. Della was so ecstatic about being involved in the wedding that she fell asleep in her wedding attire—I’ll pause for the sigh of infatuation.

After only one year of dog sitting with Rover, Brandon and Kaycee had enough money to pay for 25% of their wedding, as well as some of their honeymoon. Inspired by the growth of their business, Brandon and Kaycee continued sitting through Rover after their wedding. Since the big day, Della has stayed with the sitter who cared for her at the wedding numerous times, and has of course made more friends than she can count on two paws.

The celebration of eternal love shouldn’t come with a significant financial burden. Brandon and Kaycee made all of their dreams more affordable, simply by getting paid to do something they love. If you have experience caring for dogs—personally or professionally—Rover could be a great fit for you. Face it, you deserve a less stressful wedding-planning experience and more time snuggling dogs. Luckily, Rover’s here to help.