Special Gift Ideas For The Bride


With all the blushing brides and grinning grooms, wedding season is a wonderful time of year that sees hundreds of happy couples across the country officially tie the knot. Donning a princess-esque dress alongside her tuxedo-clad husband-to-be, the bride will treasure her wedding for the rest of her life. Whilst guests are sure to revel in the joyful atmosphere, they are often left feeling pressured when it comes to selecting an appropriate gift for the occasion.

Couples sometimes launch their own “wedding gift list” to point invitees in the right direction, but if a guest is particularly close to the bride, they’ll want to give them something special and a little out of the ordinary. Good gift ideas can be tricky to come by, but any worried wedding guest can relax in the lead up to the big day by taking inspiration from the trio of top solutions below.

A Bridal Gift Box

Bottles of champagne, wads of spa vouchers, and fistfuls of twinkly jewellery are all lovely gestures that the bride is guaranteed to love. But in order to make her eyes light up and her heart melt, a wedding guest must offer something more personal – a gift that represents the bond they share.

A homemade bridal gift box is just the ticket – a pretty container full of bits and bobs that bring back brilliant memories (including old photos, letters, gig/cinema tickets, and childhood toys). Fancy toiletries and chocolate can also be thrown on top to put the icing on the cake.

Buy a Star

Photo credit:©istock.com/SandraKavas

By visiting buyastar.ie, wedding guests can treat the bride to an unforgettable, everlasting wedding gift. At this completely website, users can purchase and name a star for the wife-to-be – thereby making her name part of a constellation forever more. The bride will also inherit a gift pack as part of the deal, featuring a certificate, star map, fact sheet, and essential information about the star, ensuring they will never look up at the night sky in quite the same way ever again.

The star will be permanently recorded in the International Star Registry, and given how buyastar.ie exclusively sells stars that can be seen with the human eye, the bride will always be able to gaze up at their incredible gift on a dark, clear night.

A Celebrity Well-Wisher

This one takes some planning, but will go down a real storm if successful. A lot of celebrities receive letters and emails on a regular basis, and often do their very best to respond accordingly. If a bride has a particular infatuation for a certain celebrity, a perfect present would be a congratulatory letter from this person.

Guests may find obtaining a celebrity messages to be difficult, so it could be worth writing to a number of people the bride admires to improve the chances of a response. What greater gift could there be than a letter from a bonafide superstar wishing the newlyweds congratulations?

Cover photo credit: ©istock.com/AndreyCherkasov