Today’s inspiration- veil alternative


According to ancient tradition, the bride must have a face veiled by veil and is not allowed to pick it up. She can pick it up after the kiss that seals the marriage.

Today, there is no reason to hide face from the groom, yet bridal veil has a great success. Fashion for a return to old traditions makes so that the bride usually goes to the altar under the veil.

Is it a fashion trend only or does it make any other purpose? let us show you few alternatives that you could use (if you’re not a veil fan).

1. Coral pink bridal flower crown, which is a handmade piece made by The Honeycomb 

2. Crystal headpiece by Amberlyn Couture and delicate headpiece by Lo Boheme for those who like delicate accessories.
And a bit bigger vintage glamour headpiece by Helena Noelle and bridal headband by Hinuma

3. Beautiful handmade haircombs made by My Little Bride


4. If you like the idea of wearing lots of flowers in your hair, but don’t want a flower crown, this is a beautiful alternative I found on

Let us know what you think and I hope you all have a good weekend!