Wedding Food Trends to Consider for Your Big Day


As the world continues to evolve, so does our individual tastes and preferences. This is especially true for wedding fashions. What might be hot this year might be less popular next year. From wedding attire to favours, themes, flower arrangements and food choices, new and exciting trends are always popping up.

Nowadays, wedding foods and drinks are not only used to fill up your guests but also to express your personality, theme and creativity. Excellent food and drink will make your wedding much talked about after the ceremony is over. Your wedding food is most likely going to be one of the most talked about elements of your big day. It is therefore important for you to avoid clichés by incorporating some of the latest food trends to your wedding. Take a look at our favourite trends that we think you should definitely consider:

Fresh & Organic Food
Locally sourced, farm-fresh foods are a huge trend. With people becoming increasingly concerned about health, this is one of the trends you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Local organic ingredients tend to have a distinctive flair and flavour profile that makes them taste much better than their shipped-in counterparts. You can impress your health-conscious guests by making sure all your food is obtained from local farms.

For instance, you can use locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as serve fresh after-hour snacks such as fresh ham, home baked crisp sambos and locally crafted salamis and cheeses. Incorporate this trend to your big day by working with a caterer who only uses seasonal, fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. The trend can be complemented with rustic décor such as wood, wildflowers and mason jars.

Breakfast Foods
Morning weddings are becoming popular among couples-to-be because they help them save a few bucks. They offer couples an opportunity to have a fabulous ceremony without

breaking the bank. Venues tend to be more expensive to book in the afternoons and early evenings. Morning weddings have seen the rise of brunch as a catering option due to the fact that traditional wedding foods don’t suit such events. If you intend to have your celebration early in the day, some of the foods you can serve include bacon, omelettes, pancakes, French toast, waffles, cheese, smoked salmon, bagels, Mimosas and Bloody Marys. You can ask your caterer to set up omelette stations and pancake bars. Guests can have their preferences cooked to order.

Family Style Service
Family style dining is replacing individual plated meals. This style allows guests to pass platters to each other, making it a perfect way for guests to know each other. It breeds an idea of closeness among them and creates a sense of community. Family style menus usually involve a variety of dishes so as to allow guests to sample a little bit of everything. You can serve three main course items together with several sides. Family style is a great way for a laid-back couple to show their personality to their guests. It works well for both upscale and less formal weddings.

Interactive Stations
Interactive stations, also known as tasting stations, have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years. They are a great way to incorporate a variety of treats to cater to all types of guests. They feature a series of stations with chefs preparing delicacies on the spot as

they interact with guests. They help liven up the atmosphere. Food lovers will definitely have a memorable and exciting experience. Guests will be able to serve themselves a variety of their favourite delicacies with their preferred portion sizes and toppings.

There are numerous ideas of interactive stations to choose from. You can choose to have one station for kids or guests that are young at heart specialising in banana splits or ice cream sundaes. A macaroni and cheese topping station, taco bars, pasta bars, salad bars and carving stations are great additions to your special event. You can also try something out of the ordinary by having a frozen yogurt bar to offer different flavours of frozen yogurt and a mashed potato bar to serve mashed potatoes in martini glasses. Your caterer can help you come up with creative ideas for your stations.

Late night snack
Serving late night snacks well after the dessert is currently a big trend. After lots of dancing and consumption of alcohol, a caloric boost will surely come in handy for your guests. Late night snacks can include anything of your choice. You can decide to go lavish, refined or traditional. Some of the popular late night bites are tacos, gourmet spiced fries and mini pizzas.

Vegan and gluten-free
More and more couples are adopting these dietary choices. They can be offered as entire meals or as options. Guests with food allergies and heath concerns are therefore well accommodated. An experienced caterer can come up with a vegetarian menu that even the meat lovers will love.

Food themes
The food themes trend is growing n popularity. It involves a couple taking one food element and featuring it throughout. This meal or ingredient usually has a special meaning to them. For example, it can be their favourite treat, a meal they shared on their first date or a meal that is considered special in their family tradition. Some popular meals include bacon, cookies, pasta and sundae bar. If the couple loves bacon, they can feature it in all meals. They can wrap appetizers in it, serve vegetables with it and even include a hint of it on their wedding cake.