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wedding speeches

Wedding speeches can be the best part of the night, but often not for the people standing up and making them.

My Dream Wedding presents a guide to the speeches.

The Best man Speech

Generally the best man acts as master of ceremonies, introducing each speaker. His own speech will be the last of the night, and should aim to be the most entertaining. The best man’s speech should focus on his relationship with the groom, with possibly a humorous story from their relationship. The best man should also compliment the bride and mention how lucky the groom is to have met her, also paying tribute to their great relationship together. The best man can also thank the hosts on behalf of the guests. His official role is to toast the happy couple, generally the biggest toast of the night and a sign that the formalities have ended. Avoid smutty jokes or stories about the bride and groom’s previous partners!

Wedding speeches can be the best part of the night, but often not for the people standing up and making theme. My Dream Wedding presents a guide to the speeches.

The Father of the Bride speech

The bride’s father speaks first, usually introduced by the best man, and his speech is usually the most poignant of the day. Generally speaking, the father of the bride pays tribute to his beautiful daughter, perhaps including a funny and cute story from her childhood that is significant to her overall personality. This is your dad’s chance to show the world how proud he is of his daughter and welcome the groom into the family. If the bride’s family are hosting the wedding (as a traditional wedding), the bride’s father should also welcome all the guests on behalf of the family, and perhaps thank the venue for accommodating the event.  It’s also important for the father to pay tribute to his own wife and how lucky and happy he is in his marriage. (If the bride’s parents are divorced, perhaps pay tribute to his ex-wife’s care as a mother to the bride). Finally, the father of the bride should toast the happiness of the bride and groom.

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The Groom Speech

The groom generally speaks second last (before the best man), and should focus his speech on his new wife (remember to refer to her as “my wife” as this will be met with a big cheer from the guests), and how happy she has made him. The groom can also thank both sets of parents for their love and support, the celebrant for the ceremony and the guests for coming and for their generous gifts. The groom can also talk about the best man, and perhaps include a funny story about their friendship. Finally, if the bride is not speaking, pay tribute to the bridesmaids and how supportive they were in the run-up to the big day. His official role is to toast the bridesmaids.

groom speeches

The Bride Speech

Although not a traditional speaker, more and more brides are opting to say a few words, usually to thank anyone who has been instrumental in her preparation for the big day. Brides usually want to pay tribute to their own parents, and of course, their new husband! Finally, brides should speak about their bridesmaids and how helpful they were in the run-up to the wedding day (and, indeed, on the day itself).

Other speeches

Further ideas for speeches include groomsmen and the father of the groom. Some couples like to open speeches up to guests, but remember to keep speech time to a maximum total of 45 minutes to void “numb bum” syndrome!

wedding speech

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