10 Most Popular Irish Wedding Photographers

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One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is photography. The images captured that day will be a visual reminder of the highlights of your nuptials. Ever seen an old couple grinning from ear to ear as they show off their wedding album? Well, that’s what you should aim for- a wedding album of all ages!

To achieve this, you need the best photographer there is; an artist who can bring life to the most mundane moments and one whose creativity will add thrill even to the unposed shots. That said, there are many photographers and choosing the best can eat into your other wedding plans. To give you a head start, here is our shortlist of 10 most popular Irish wedding photographers.


Elegance and sophistication is what David brings to your wedding. He is an avid observer with an eye for documenting emotions through a camera lens. He is the founder of FrainPhoto, a team of photographers who have been covering weddings for over ten years. The team is available for both national and international engagements, making them a good choice for both local and destination weddings.

Every wedding is unique and each requires ample planning and dedication. David understands this and approaches his work with the seriousness it calls for. It’s for this reason than he only takes a limited number of jobs per year- around 35. The internationally recognized and award winning photographer is based in Harold Cross, Dublin.


Images that connect with people and creativityis what Chris brings to the table. He is a wedding photographer based in Belfast but operates both in Ireland and internationally. He is a guru in photography and will showcase authentic documentation of any wedding. Whether in a registry or by the sea, no photo op will escape his eyes.


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Do you want a comprehensive coverage starting from the morning prep all the way to the after party? Chris is your guy! He also comes at considerable rates which is perfect for a slim photography budget. If you are going for an overseas ceremony, then keep an eye for him- travel is part of his routine and your travel schedules could just be in sync.


Savo Photography is a team that is exclusively dedicated to wedding photography. The venture comprises of husband and wife, Eric and Siobhan. The team works tirelessly to capture your big day’s moments in exquisite photos. Eric is the duo’s photographer and his mastery has seen him rise to be one of the most sought after guy in the industry.

Siobhan on the other hand is the artistic maestro who ensures your wedding imagery is well preserved. She is in charge of designing wedding books, framing and printing. She brings beauty and a touch of class that lasts after the big day is over. The collaboration has not gone unnoticed; their work has won them the coveted Ireland’s photographer of the year and a spot in Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photograph.


Among the qualities that make a good photographer is an experience in both fine-arts and photojournalism. This is the kind of knowledge that is self-evident in Emma May’s work. Her style comes out as more of a documentary than the usual traditional photography. She works best in the background where she can capture moments and emotions, instead of the ‘in-your-face’ approach.

Her unusual style has seen her being dubbed a ‘wedding ninja’. Your wedding will benefit from her relaxed and candid technique thatresults in adventurous imagery. She offers flexible packages depending on how long you need her. She is based in Dublin but is ready travel internationally. What’s more, her abroad prices are not different from local, with travel and accommodation being the only add-ons.


Nick O’Keeffe operates from Dublin and Kilkenny but is available for any nationwide engagement. He has been in the business for a little over a decade, a duration that has seen him build a stellar reputation. His technique encompasses modern and traditional image capture that has set him aside as one of Ireland’s most sought-after photographers. Fun and priceless shots are among his main focus, adding infectious memories to your album.


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Nick is also a storyteller by nature, a trait he uses to create a series of photographs that come together to tell a beautiful story of your wedding highlights. Although he has a unique style, Nick is open and appreciates couple’s input. Case and point: On the issue of recreating famous or nostalgic poses, not only is he open to the idea but appreciates couples who take an active role in creating long-lasting photos.


Dylan is a North Ireland wedding photographer whose fame has earned him home accolades in the whole island and the United Kingdom. His award winning photography is tailored for couples who want to save the best aspects without posing as the ceremony progresses.  He came with over a decade-long expertise that allows him to create beautiful photo collections, without interfering with your programme.

He promises to create imagery which is as lively as it is emotional. His ability to transform every moment into a photo-worthy opportunity has made him feature in most top Irish wedding venues. From Lough Cutra Castle and Adare Manor to the Marlfield House, Dylan has traversed Ireland as he takes shots of unique wedding ceremonies.

#7 Pawel Bebenca Photography

Pawel is by all definitions one of the best photographers Ireland has to offer. His imagery takes a relaxed approach coupled with documentary and artistic touch. He aims to create a keepsake tale with every shot. This he does by creating a series of unique images of different scenes and natural, honest emotions.
Pawel usually works in the background, except when taking the normal family photos and couple portraits. This makes him a non-distraction to your guests, giving him a chance to capture pure un-posed moments.

He also does post-photography work including editing and framing. This ensures that perfect photos are delivered several weeks after your big day. His packages are also reasonably priced, with destination weddings attracting extra for 2 nights of accommodation and an airfare stipend.


Rafal Borek is an artist who has gotten the hang of shooting images that showcase the best of your wedding’s moods. His approach is not only friendly but is meant to put you at ease. What follows is an ‘at-ease’ photography session from a familiar face. This allows you to relax, giving Derik a chance to shoot authentic, candid, and honest moments of your wedding.

Taking photos is what he is hired for, but it’s the storiesthe imagery showcases that make him among the best in the field. Rafal comes with a wide knowledge on everything wedding, from vendors to a dress gallery. His inclusion into the wedding schedule will be especially helpful to couples with a limited time for planning, or overseas soul mates set on an Irish wedding.


Your wedding day may take days or even years to prepare. But no matter the duration of the planning period, the big day will go by fast than you could imagine. Elaine Barker knows this, and she takes upon herself to ensure none-of your wedding moments go to waste.

As she says, “When your father sees you in your wedding dress I’m there, when you see your partner at the top of the aisle I’m there, when grandad falls asleep in the church, I’m there.”

Elaine developed the desire to live her best moment behind the lens when she was just 9 years old. Form breaking her piggy bank to develop film to innovating ways to capture stunning digital photos, Elaine has grown to be the best in what she does. She took her childhood hobby further by studying photography, leading to a career spanning over twelve years. If that’s the passion that you want in your wedding imagery, then look no further.


The Campbells can easily take the title of the coolest wedding photographers in Ireland and beyond. They bring a relaxed and dynamic style that is beautiful and distinctive at the same time. The duo comprises of Neal and Kristi, who are lovebirds with a beautiful love story to tell.

Their passion allows a sentimental and enamouring take on your wedding imagery. Neal was born and bred in Ireland while Kristy comes from Los Angeles. Their diverse upbringing has brought about a wedding photography approach that is class above the rest. The duo’s efforts add perspective and wonder to every photo.

The Bottom Line           

Ireland prides herself in many photographers. Nevertheless, you don’t put the responsibility of documenting every moment of your big day into the hands of just anyone; you deserve the very best in the field. The above list offers you an opportunity to choose how best you would like to reminisce the day.