Host an Unforgettable Reception Without Breaking the Bank

wedding reception ideas

The average wedding in Ireland costs €21,000, with 44% of couples shouldering the cost on their own. With such a large expense, it would be a shame to have a run-of-the-mill reception that was barely memorable. Instead, go for something special that guests will talk about for years afterward.

Every wedding magazine has adverts and features for lavish reception venues. You could, of course, make your wedding memorable by spending exorbitant sums on an extravagant venue, but rather than overspending, try one (or more!) of these unique ideas to throw the most memorable wedding your guests will ever attend. With a little creativity, you can add the wow factor without adding too much to the budget.

Uncommon Fare

wedding food truck

When people think of wedding food, they think of a rubbery piece of chicken made in a hotel kitchen, churned out for 200 guests and lacking as much in flavour as it does in creativity. Rather than the same boring meal delivered by a stuffy waiter, make the process more personal, and more interactive, by hiring a food truck to serve your guests. You can find food trucks these days that serve every type of food imaginable, from crepes to Mexican fare to wood-fired pizza.

Rather than limiting food selections to chicken or beef, a food truck lets them make their own selection. And instead of sitting at their assigned table waiting to be served, food trucks are more interactive, forcing guests to get up, mingle, read the menu, and perhaps make a new friend while deciding what to try. Your event will definitely stand out and be something to talk about.

Learn Something New

wedding swing dance

Perhaps you and your spouse-to-be love to spend Saturday nights swing dancing at your local pub. Or maybe you’re both adventurous and have always wanted to learn swing dancing. For a completely new experience for your guests, hire a dance instructor to teach a brief beginners’ course on swing dancing, then have the DJ play big band music for all or a portion of the party, allowing guests to try out their newly-learned moves.

This idea could be used for any type of dancing. Maybe you are more of the ballroom dancing type, and your instructor teaches a beginner’s waltz. Whatever dance you choose, it will be memorable when your guests go home with a new set of terpsichorean skills.

Transform Your Venue

wedding roulette

If you and your partner are the gambling type, you can turn a rented hall into a glamorous casino for the evening. You’ll already be wearing your best, but simply add “black tie” to your invitations, and bring guests to your own private Monte Carlo gaming evening. There are many companies who offer rental tables and professional dealers for hire that can turn your casino dreams into a reality.

A casino night is a great way for guests to meet and mingle, and a perfect solution for a couple who may not love to dance the night away. Your guests likely won’t even miss the dancefloor, and you can use the DJ portion of your budget to pay for dealers and equipment, still staying within your plan. This fun theme is sure to be one your friends and family never forget.

Planning a wedding, especially one you’re paying for yourself, is hard work. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or additional time to have a unique wedding reception. All you need is a good idea and some creativity to pull off an unforgettable evening.