Grooming the Groom



With all the emphasis on the bride and her beauty regime, it’s easy to forget that the husband to be should also be thinking of a few grooming extras to ensure he looks his best on his wedding day. After all, you want your bride to be as proud to see you at the altar as you are when she starts walking up the aisle…


There was a time when nothing was really expected of the groom beauty-wise except a good shave, a neat haircut and a splash of aftershave. Now, however, thanks to the metrosexuals like David Beckham and co who place as much emphasis on grooming as their female partners, the groom is generally expected to make much more of an effort in the days and months leading up to his wedding. Even the toughest and most macho of Irish men are beginning to embrace the importance of looking after their skin, hair and body, especially for the biggest day of their lives so far.




If you haven’t already, begin a good skincare regime immediately. If you’re confused about what products to use, enlist the help of a therapist or a beauty consultant. There are plenty of men’s salon-only grooming ranges that are excellent for skincare, yet are boxed in masculine packaging and feature manly fragrances. At a minimum, men should be cleansing and moisturising twice a day. Shaving gives you a daily exfoliation, so it’s important to use a product after shaving to reduce irritation and restore moisture in the area.


Make sure to shave after a shower or bath, as the bristles are softer and it should be easier to shave. Use a good-quality shaving gel or foam, preferably one with an ingredient to help prevent irritation, such as aloe vera. On the day of the wedding, think about getting a professional hot towel shave in a grooming salon. If you decide to go ahead with this, it’s a good idea to try out the salon and treatment a few weeks before the wedding to ensure you are comfortable with the treatment and products.


Your moisturiser in the morning should be gentle enough to apply after shaving, be strong enough to restore moisture in the skin, and contain a sunscreen to help prevent damage from ultraviolet rays.


If you have specific skin problems such as acne or excessive oiliness, get yourself along to a beauty salon that offers male or unisex treatments.  Try to begin a treatment programme six months before the big day if possible.




Make sure to get regular trims in the run-up to the wedding. If you are planning a new style, talk to your barber at least three/four months before the wedding to ensure that the style can be grown out if it doesn’t work out. This will give you time to also work with the style and get comfortable with it before the big day.


Start using good products on your hair a few months before your wedding. If you’re not sure what you should be using, consult your barber or stylist for advice. If you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff, begin treating it now with products designed to help the problem.


Begin experimenting with styling products like wax and serum. Remember that a lot of your pictures will be taken outside (depending on the weather), so if you don’t have a very tight haircut, you may need to use something to keep your style intact. Again, your barber/stylist will be able to advise you on suitable products for your hair type.


A week or two before the wedding is not the time to adopt a new style. Make sure you and your wife-to-be are comfortable with your style, whatever it might be. Remember that your wedding pictures will serve as a memory long after the day has passed, so opt for classic if possible – hair can really date pictures if you go for something too trendy.




The most important thing is to watch your diet! Try to drink one-and-a-half to two litres of water a day, along with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Limit the beer and takeaways, and get down to the gym three times a week. If you smoke, try to stop.


Consider getting a professional manicure done. A lot of focus on the day is on your hands within the ceremony and when greeting your guests, so a good manicure is a great idea. Many leading nail salon brands have products specifically for men and are well-used to the male “MAN-icure”. If in doubt, go to a salon that offers a specific men’s treatment menu.


If you are conscious of unwanted hair on parts of the body such as the back, consider investing in a series of waxes. Waxing salons specialise in men’s treatments and will be able to guide you in terms of a series of treatments coming up to your wedding. If you don’t have access to a specialist waxing establishment, opt for a salon that has a specific men’s treatment menu.


For a longer-lasting hair removal treatment, try permanent hair reduction using an IPL or laser machine. A course of 6 to 12 treatments is necessary for a full back, and with each treatment about three weeks apart, it’s essential to begin treatment at least six months before the big day. IPL and laser work on the pigment of the hair and skin, so dark hair is only suitable for treatment. Also it’s essential that you don’t get any sun on the area being treated for the duration of the course (as a tan will affect the absorption of the light beams). Book in for a consultation before committing to a treatment series.


Take a close look at your eyebrows and if necessary, consider a professional eyebrow tidy. Again, make sure to try this a good two months before the wedding to make sure you like the look, and make sure to keep them as natural as possible – the emphasis here is on the word “tidy”! Have your final eyebrow tidy at least three days before your wedding day to make sure you lose that tell-tale redness that accompanies such as treatment!


Finally, on the day itself, make sure you slip a packet of breath-freshening mints into your pocket. You’ll be spending much of the day kissing people and talking with them, and you will want to ensure your breath stays as fresh as possible. But a warning, definitely avoid chewing gum!

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