Couple Of Wedding Photo Poses to Just Avoid Altogether



As fabulous as it is to look at other people’s wedding photos—because so many of them are spectacular—this is always something that’s important to remember: For every gorgeous picture, there’s one that went awry. Case in point: me and my husband. Let’s try to figure out why we thought this was a good idea on our wedding day, shall we?


…right. Unintentionally hilarious, which is definitely an upside (I laugh whenever I see this pic—and the good news is that there were tons of lovely photos to supplement this one). So that’s the first pose to avoid: looking like the floating heads of woodland elves, far from your spouse.

Photographers often work with you based on certain time constraints, so it’s good to have an idea of what might make for a great pose—while remembering what make for a bad one too. Luckily, pro photographers will know the difference. Bearing that in mind, here are some poses you might consider not striking during your wedding photo session.

The Jumping-in-the-Air Pose: It can be done—and it can be done well!—but think about the physics at play, here. You’re in a dress; action shots are challenging (especially when there are two people to coordinate); gravity.


The Groom Peeking-Out-of-Your-Dress Pose: Just…no.


The Bride-Lying-Down Pose: I’ve never understood the appeal of this one, but lots of people seem to like it. A bride lying in the grass at her attendants’ feet—or anyone’s feet, for that matter—is a little awkward. (Plus: grass stains. Right?)


Any Pose That Makes You Uncomfortable: Seriously, if you’re not into facing away from the camera while holding your bouquet next to your shoulder blades because your strapless bra is digging into your back and it hurts—it’s OK not to do it!

Still, these aren’t hard-and-fast rules: My theory is that it’s worth trying every and all poses you can think of—what one couple may love, another may not like at all, It completely depends on the personalities of the newlyweds you’re shooting and how crazy, refined, traditional, or out-of-the-box they are. It’s always OK to be fun and be creative!”

Are there any poses that you’ve got marked down as ceremony dont’s?