Choosing the right wedding photographer



Your wedding photos document your wedding day for eternity. For the rest of your lives you will look back at the wedding album and remember your special day. It’s pertinent that you pick the right photographer for the right price. Often photographers can be way overpriced and may not deliver what you want. So we have a few tips for would be wedding couples on how to find the ideal photographer.


Establish what style you want

There are so many photographers now offering wedding packages its important to establish what kind of style you want. Do you want a photographer to have a quirky style or more traditional, do you want a classic wedding photographer or a photographer who takes mood and atmospheric shots. Also find out if you want the photographer to stay for the church and post church shots, the reception and/ or for the entire night. Maybe you want to hire two photographers and a photo booth. Also discuss in detail what


Ask friends who got married

Word of mouth is always best when it comes to photographers. With social media being as prevalent as it is, its always best to have a look through friends photos online and see what kind of style of photographer you want for your wedding. Then find out from friends what they cost, how long it took to get the photos and albums and how they were to work with. It’s always important to get someone who is friendly and amiable and fun to be around as it ensures a more natural photo.

Look online

Spend a few hours trawling the internet for nice wedding images and read testimonials from people. It’s important to know that the photographer will be reliable, on time and have the right equipment. That’s why testimonials are key. Then look up wedding websites and magazines and create a list of photographers to call. Always meet with a few photographers and get them to bring an album of past weddings so you get a good idea of what they have to offer. It’s a big part of the day, so take your time making the right choice.

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