Wedding Invites List. Useful Tips


Who to invite and who not to invite is possibly the greatest source of confrontation between the groom and bride to be. Is it really necessary to fly all the great aunties over from abroad or invite all your work colleagues to the sit down meal? What about your partners ex? Is it really necessary to invite them to your wedding? Here are some answers to some difficult guest list questions.

How many people do we invite?

This comes down to budget, personal preference and time. So once you’ve decided to plan your wedding, come up with a number and stick to it. Your list should include people you want to invite, not your mother in law’s neighbours and their children. Try to keep it to friends and family and people who have been a part of your life in recent years. The ones you haven’t seen since you were a toddler should be kept to a minimum. When you compile your list of nearest and dearest, think about the people who have been there for you and will be there for you in the future.


Children or no children

It’s a tough one. Do you want the church and reception hall to resemble a crèche or do you want to play scrooge and not let your best friends brand new baby come to the party even though its still being breast fed. Obviously there are difficult choices to make here. In most cases your friends won’t force their children on you as they might want a day off, so see who can’t organise baby sitters and who has brand new babies and take it from there. Try to be diplomatic and everyone will be happy. Also set aside a separate area at your reception for a children’s’ party. Hire a babysitter and the kids will have an amazing time.


The tough calls

Do you invite the couple you just starting hanging out with? What about your ‘best friend’ from school you haven’t seen in years? When trying to make these tough decisions think about whether or not these people will be in your future. Will it be awkward if you don’t invite them? Trust your instincts. Also think about inviting plus guests. It can get pricey and you don’t really know who your other’s half’s friends could bring. It can be risky. In terms of bringing an ex, make sure its discussed and there is no residual anger, hurt on either side. It can be strange to have an ex at a wedding so unless there is mutual friendship and trust, stay away. It’s your special day so bring the people you love and trust. As for work, don’t feel obliged to bring everyone. If you feel comfortable enough to let your hair down in front of your colleagues then fire ahead, but if you don’t you can be yourself, then don’t. It’s your wedding day after all.



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