Planning the Perfect Island Honeymoon

Beach Honeymoon

Honeymoon bookings for couples from Ireland are on the rise according to Emirates, with newlyweds spending more on their mini break than ever before and many opting for beachside getaways. Funnily enough, some wedding planners recommend waiting up to a year before taking your honeymoon, as a way to protect your savings and avoid the stress of having to do everything at once. Of course, organised couples will probably tell you that separating the wedding and honeymoon isn’t necessary at all; all it takes is a little organisation and plenty of research in the months leading up to your big day.

Considering Different Options

Seaside escapes in Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, and the Maldives have always been classic choices for those after an exotic getaway, yet it is important to look into prices, reputation for customer service, and a ‘special something’ that will make the difference between a standard holiday and a meaningful honeymoon. Some of the most beautiful islands in the world are located in Europe – including Ibiza. This Spanish island has gained a rather erroneous reputation for being little more than a playground for the rich and famous (and those into dance music). Ibiza has a very tranquil, laidback side and it is home to magical spots like Es Vedra: a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the third most magnetic spot on Earth. According to legend, this tiny rocky island is the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis. Just in front of it is a natural cave said to radiate a special kind of energy. Ibiza is just one of many islands; also special are the Canary Islands – including Lanzarote, with its black sand (volcanic) beaches and ‘secret’ rock pools that are nature’s own open-air whirlpools.

Considering Renting a Car

If you do opt for an island like Lanzarote, renting a car will enable you to catch more the island in less time. If you live far from the airport, you can always leave your car at the airport for a tiny price, picking your rental car up as soon as you land and making your way to the island’s most beautiful spots. Having a car will enable you to visit cultural sights as well as the most beautiful beaches on the coastline. It will also mean you can get to sample gastronomic delights located far from your hotel or resort.

Raising the Necessary Funds

Starting a ‘honeyfund’ right before your invitations first go out is key, especially if you already have a home and all the equipment and décor you need. In essence, guests can donate cash instead of buying you a present – which you will undoubtedly be grateful for after receiving one too many crystal cheese trays or sets of Champagne flutes. Check out flights and look into islands in Asia like Coron (Palawan, the Philippines). Coron has hidden lagoons, pristine beaches, and luxury bungalow accommodation for a fraction of the price you might expect to pay for a comparable stay in the Maldives or Seychelles. If you are celebrating your wedding reception at a hotel, inquire whether or not they have a branch in your chosen destination; they might just be willing to give you a discount as part of your wedding pack.

Whether you are taking a ‘mini moon’ (saving your honeymoon for later) or flying to the island of your dreams the day after your reception, it never is too early to start researching and planning. Booking flights early, choosing an island that may not be one of the most heavily marketed, and starting a wedding fund are all good ways to reduce stress. Remember that the aim is to spend time together doing the things you love. From day one, therefore, list down crucial elements your dream island must have and start narrow down the list together.

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