Stunning honeymoon destinations



If their wedding day is the most important day in a couple’s life, then the honeymoon is the most important trip they will ever take, bar none. Think about it – so much planning goes into the wedding itself, invitations, guests, themes, venues, cars, flowers, etc., etc. A wedding is such an exciting occasion that it is very easy to be absorbed by the day itself and to give less thought to the romantic holiday to follow. Yet when the fuss dies down and the bride and groom have escaped from possibly one of the busiest days in their lives, it is so important to be able to look forward to the kind of holiday that they can enjoy together and which will be remembered forever after.



Location, location, location

stunning honeymoon destinationTastes differ, but classic examples of how not to book a honeymoon include not planning anything until the last minute and not communicating with each other about preferences. Does one partner want an activity holiday with lots of different adventurous experiences, such as mountaineering or skiing, while the other is looking for a quiet spot for relaxation and romance? Whatever the situation, preferences must be reconciled so that both partners will be sure to enjoy their special break. Here are three ideas for some stunning honeymoon destinations.

Costa Dorada, Spain

Some honeymoon destinations, such as Hawaii, the Maldives and the Caribbean are regarded as glamorous, which is fine for those who are happy to do what lots of others do. Spain is already a popular holiday destina

stunning honeymoon destination

tion and as a result it is easy to overlook its potential as a very special and enticing choice for a honeymoon. However, in the Costa Dorada, which is also known as the Costa Daurada or Gold Coast, a warm Mediterranean welcome awaits newlyweds who want to make the most of the local amenities, notably those at Salou, which is widely regarded as being one of the best leisure facilities in Europe. Founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC and later occupied by the Romans and Moors, Salou is home to a wonderful array of inspiring historic sites, fabulous beaches, rocky coves, resorts and even a theme park, all served by a selection of Costa Dorada hotels to suit every budget.

Belize, Central America

Sometimes regarded as an alternative honeymoon destination, Belize has beautiful beaches, great snorkelling and diving at the Belize Barrier Reef and access to some spectacular Mayan ruins. Add to these the many luxurious resorts, spas and romantic hideaways and it is clear why it has become such a popular honeymoon location. Belize is also a great place for caving, visiting nature reserves and birdwatching, not to mention a wide selection of water-sports.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

For the sheer beauty of the emerald water and white sandy beaches of its lagoon it’s hard to beat Bora Bora. There are five star resort hotels with overwater bungalows, beachside villas and luxury spas dotted around the beautiful island; having breakfast delivered by canoe is a popular feature with honeymooners. Sailing and snorkelling are popular during the day, while in the evenings couples can enjoy a romantic dinner prepared by their personal chef. This is the ultimate honeymoon destination for newlyweds who are looking to relax, unwind and feel thoroughly spoiled on their special holiday.


stunning honeymoon destination

stunning honeymoon destination

stunning honeymoon destination