Preparing for Your Wedding


There’s nothing easy about planning a wedding. Even picking out the perfect invitations for all of the guests can take hours or days to finalize. That’s why it’s always a great thing to have a little assistance whenever possible. We’ve gathered a few of the best Do’s and Don’t ‘s for new couples planning their marriage. These tips will help you save the date and ensure everything is ready on time, while avoiding a few of the common pitfalls that new couples make with their wedding. These tips alone won’t guarantee that you enjoy that perfect wedding, but they’ll certainly help make that dream a little easier to achieve.

Do have a checklist

Have you created a checklist yet? This is probably one of your most powerful tools while you are planning a wedding. When you realize there’s something else you need done for the wedding, just add it to the bottom of the checklist. Try to include every job, goal, and task that needs to be accomplished, no matter how minute or trivial. Your checklist will be your guide through the following months and will help you track your progress adequately. Staying organized throughout the entire process will help things progress smoother and on schedule. It’s amazing what a single piece of paper and a clipboard can accomplish for your wedding! (Check out our wedding countdown).

Do call your friends…fast

It doesn’t take long for all of the required work to build up and become completely overwhelming. Luckily, you probably aren’t alone in the world. You’ve probably got a few friends or family members who won’t mind helping where they can. Enlisting a few friends to help where possible saves time, money, and frustration. Not to mention, adding some friends to the mix can turn a boring, tedious task into something a little more fun and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to get them involved from step-one and even help them each create their own individual checklist with a few of the jobs that come from your master checklist. This will help everyone work on their own specific tasks and get things done quicker.

Do have an open bar

This tip is here for all of those new couples who just aren’t sure if they should have an open bar or not. True, a wedding is expensive and an open bar is just another expense, but an open bar is viewed as a must by most people who have been married or been to weddings. While it may be your perfect night, it’s not exactly everyone’s perfect night. Whether they’re drinking because they’re sad, enjoying the night, or want to have fun, an open bar can ensure that the guests don’t get bored and leave early. After all, you can’t have a bunch of drunk guests driving off in the middle of the ceremony! If anything, you should at least have an open bar during a certain portion of the night. Some guests may not be able to afford more expensive drinks, especially after forking over money for a wedding gift. An open bar is a gift to all of your guests.


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