Types of Wedding Flowers



When you are planning your wedding day you will find there are many different types and sizes of flowers. A lot of people will go with roses, not always red, but you do not have to go with these. If you are looking through magazines you will see many brides are using peonies, daisy’s, orchids, or anything else that will fit with the colors of your wedding.

The first thing you should do is decide on the colors your wedding flowers will be, then you can pick the flowers that fit into those color categories. Then you can hire a custom designer to create the flowers you want for your wedding.


Most brides like to have their bouquets a little larger then what the bridesmaids have. This keeps the center of attention focused on you the bride. As the bride you can put white flowers in your bouquet and in the grooms corsage, then you can mix in the colors of your wedding into the bouquet and with the bridesmaids flowers. Most guys do not like to wear flowers of any kind, as these are very feminine, by leaving the stem in place you can make the flowers seem more manly.


Keeping the mother of the brides flowers white is a nice touch, and also keep the flower girl with a completely different color than the rest of the wedding party. Real flowers will cost you more, but in the long run this is a nice touch. To save money you could buy the flowers yourself and create what you need. I do not recommend this as the flowers should be worked on the night before the wedding, and we both know how busy the bride is the night before the wedding.


To find out just what flowers and color schemes you want to go with, you are going to want to look at as many pictures as you possibly can, and you are going to want to do this online, in magazines, and also by going to see florists. Now days any colors that you want will go together, you just need to try to find the best flowers that look like they belong in your season.

This will help the flowers that are fake look more real, and it will also help everything flow a lot better. Take your time and plan out your arrangements, and get some bouquets together for practice.


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