Wedding gifts to cherish



You are invited to the wedding of two of your closest friends and you wish to give them a gift they will cherish for a lifetime. As a close friend, the gift should be personal, exceptional and the answer to “what our best friend gave us for our wedding”. If you get this right you will be remembered forever.

Most couples will create a registry or “wish list” with one or more of their favourite department stores or with an online retailer. Using the registry is the safest way to purchase a gift because you are assured that the newlyweds actually want or need the items placed on the registry.

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Often the couple will include expensive items on the registry such as high-end bedding or pricey kitchen equipment. It would be a delightful surprise to the bride and groom to receive one of those gifts, even if you have to share the costs with one or more guests or friends.

A lovely idea for a wedding gift is something that the couple can share or do together. How about a trip to a day-spa that features a massage for both of them? Consider giving the married couple an overnight stay at an up-scale hotel or a multi-course meal at the hottest new restaurant in town. These ideas are made extra special if you arrange in advance for the couple to receive exceptional newlywed treatment. These types of gifts are also good for a 6-month or 1-year anniversary present.

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You can never go wrong with gifts for the couple’s home. Even if they have lived together for years and seemingly need for nothing, a gift for the home should reflect their new marital status. Romantic crystal champagne flutes, sexy satin sheets and bed coverings, his and her monogrammed silk robes and a framed picture of their wedding rings, are all simple yet touching wedding offerings.

Extraordinary gifts for the home can also include works of art, sculptures, wall hangings and ornaments. These types of gifts can serve as a reminder to the couple of a special or life-altering event, such as where they met or when they first fell in love. For instance, did the couple meet at the zoo? Then how about a sculpture of an elegant creature to remind them of the meeting?

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Is the happy couple health conscious? How about a one-year supply of hand-delivered farm raised organic produce? Are they wine enthusiasts? You can purchase bottles of wine and gift baskets as a monthly subscription. Following this idea, you can subscribe the couple to periodic delivery of a variety of different products; beer, chocolates, coffee and bacon are some examples. This wedding gift option provides something for everyone.

Do they commute to work? How about a 6-months rail or underground rail ticket? Do they love music concerts or sporting events? Three to six months of tickets to these events would be a thrill to receive. Did they meet walking their dogs? How about a dog grooming service for a year? If the couple already have a child, you could give a family gift, such as a day at the local amusement or family fun park.

Choosing just the right wedding gift requires a lot of careful thought. Always focus on the happy couple’s unique tastes and characteristics and gift giving will be easier than you think.