Setting the scene for wedding photographs



A series of wedding photographs are designed to tell the story of the bride and groom’s progress from two single people to a happily married couple and as such are something which should be looked back on and cherished. They are just as important as the wedding venue and the reception and should be planned with equal care.


The wedding photographer
A wedding photographer will put a lot of homework into creating a set of wedding photos. The photographer should first ask the bride and groom about the type of pictures they want to be taken, whether classic and formal or modern and casual. They should also ask about group photos, so they know which family members or friends are to appear in which images. It may be helpful for the bride and groom to provide the photographer with a list of all the shots they would like taken. This can also help to save a great deal of time on the actual wedding day. The photographer may also want to scout out the wedding venue, so he or she can determine, ahead of time, the best locations.


Classic poses at the wedding

Classic locations for wedding photographs include outside the church, usually just outside the front door. These should feature just the bride and groom, as well as with both sets of parents, bridesmaids and ushers and friends. Then there should be shots of the entire wedding party, perhaps outside, but sometimes at the altar of the church. One photo should be of the bride and groom exchanging a kiss after the ceremony with the rings on show, the recessional, where the couple walk back down the aisle together and one of the father giving the bride away. In all these cases, the venue’s architecture and interior will provide the backdrop to the photos.

Alternatively, if the wedding has been held at a different type of venue, such as a registry office or even outdoors, the bride and groom may want to pose beneath an archway of flowers, which will need to be arranged beforehand, or standing next to an impressive fireplace.


Classic poses at the reception

Things can become a little less formal once at the wedding reception. Here, the stress of the ceremony has dissipated and the couple can enjoy themselves knowing it is all over. There are still some classic poses to be captured, however, such as the arrival of the married couple, their viewing of the gift table and guest book and the all-important cutting of the cake. In the last pose it is important to capture as much of the beautiful wedding dress as possible, so a cake set on a glass dining table would help the photographer to achieve this.

For a little fun, there are always the bouquet and garter tossing scenes to be shot, as well as the couple’s first dance together. The wedding guests should not be forgotten; neither should shots of the musicians and those who give toasts and speeches.

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Church Jake + Necia Photography via Style Me Pretty
ouple at the church Creative Wedding Photography
arden kiss Charlotte Jenks Lewis via Style Me Pretty
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