Engagement Rings Themes For 2014


Jewellery is a way of expressing yourself to the outside world. It can be an expression of love between two people and traditionally is used to signify landmark moments such as engagements or weddings in people’s lives.

The selection and availability of jewellery for engagements and weddings alike has expanded vastly over the years as peoples tastes have developed and modern craftsmanship techniques have extended. Today there are many different types of jewelry one can purchase or wear to highlight a special moment.

Traditionally a diamond ring is associated with engagements. However there are different cuts to different diamonds and this info-graphic explains these. Different cuts of diamond tend to suit different fingers and often it is only possible to determine this by trying on some samples. Further to the cut of stone is also the type of metal band used. Traditionally platinum has been the go-to metal for engagement and wedding rings but we have seen a huge change in this with many experimenting with mixed metal bands.

Trends in jewellery have changed over the years and will continue to do so as different influences come into play. For some, a television show can influence fashion and jewellery heavily if it is popular enough. We have seen this significantly with the worldwide popularity of shows such as Downton Abbey and Mad Men. Both shows are set in very specific eras which also had very defined fashions and trends. People watching these shows may have never seen this type of fashion or jewellery before until it appears on their television screens and so it saturates itself into their minds thereby influencing their choices in terms of fashion and jewellery.

This info-graphic looks at some of the trends in wedding jewellery for 2013-14 and charts some celebrity influencers in each category. Modern pop culture has a heavy influence on fashion and jewelry trends and this is heightened even more so with the advent, popularity and growth of social media worldwide.

Source – http://www.claddaghrings.com/