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Tips For Choosing Beautiful Online Wedding Invitations To Suit Your Big Day

It’s safe to say that the wedding invitation is your guests’ first glimpse of your big day. These create a  feeling of excitement within them. These are just some of the reasons why you might want your wedding invitations to make a great first impression. For you to achieve this, you should choose the most beautiful online invitations that will perfectly match your wedding theme.

Creating wedding invitations can be challenging and frustrating at the same time. Fortunately, the online world can offer you wonderful options suited for your needs, regardless of your wedding style or theme.

If you want to come up with the most beautiful online wedding invitations, below are some of the tips you can take into consideration:

One of the essential things you need to take into account when choosing wedding invitations online is to keep your wedding theme in mind. Doing so will help you style your invitations the right way. If you don’t have a wedding theme yet, your dream wedding concept can suffice. Regardless if you’re having a bohemian- or a fairytale-themed wedding, spend some time browsing through the available designs so you can come up with wedding invitations that perfectly suit your unique preferences.

  • Don’t Forget Your Budget

When choosing a wedding invitation online, you should never forget your budget. Regardless of how beautiful or captivating a wedding invitation is, if it does not meet your budget, it will never be the right one for you. So, before you consider shopping around online for your wedding invitations, set your budget first and start looking for the different options available that are within your budget.

When it comes to the cost of wedding invitations, the majority of couples spend an average of $400 to $650, according to Shutterfly.com. The cost may vary depending on some factors. For instance, if couples choose RSVP cards, the cost for 100 cards for templates is $50-$200. Your preferred design may also affect the cost of your wedding invitation.

  • You Can Never Go Wrong With Classic Style Wedding Invitations

If you have doubts about your preferred style for your wedding invitations, why not go classic?  The best thing about classic style wedding invitations is that they can match various wedding themes, regardless of how unique your own wedding theme is.

For example, the good ole classic black and white wedding invitations can be a great choice for those who aim for elegance and simplicity. Also, you may incorporate beautiful fonts and some floral elements to these traditional-looking invitations to make them look even more gorgeous. If you want to make them look modern, you may use geometric borders and contemporary fonts. 

  • Choose A Customizable Template

Once you go online to search for the most beautiful wedding invitation, you might find the available options a bit overwhelming. With the countless options to choose from, you will find it hard to spot the right one for your needs, especially if the choices are all good-looking.

When choosing the perfect wedding invitation template, don’t just focus on the designs or style. You should also consider how customizable it is, so you can put everything you want to include in your wedding invitation. The reason behind it is that some templates are just beautifully-designed but have editing limitations or restrictions. 

If you want to make your wedding invitation more personal, choose a template that can be customized and will give you the freedom to change or add important photos or scripts.

  • Try Ordering Some Samples

You won’t be able to see the wedding invitation templates, but it does not mean that you should ditch these options instantly. You should consider ordering samples because some templates or designs might just look good in photos. It is best to try out your chosen template first so you can check if it really suits your taste or perfectly complies with your personal requirements. This will also help you determine if you need to look for more options for your wedding invitation.

More often than not, samples can be ordered for free, but you have to take note that there are online providers that ask for extra fees as well. 

  • Know Your Wedding Color Scheme

Before you choose an online wedding invitation, you have to determine your wedding color scheme first. The hues and colors of your preferred scheme should be your primary basis. Plus, if you know your color scheme for your big day, it will be much easier for you to choose since you may just filter your options based on what you prefer.

If you have chosen a design for your wedding invitation but doesn’t work well with your color scheme, you can ask your supplier to make some changes with the colors or customize it for you. A good online wedding invitation supplier may sometimes offer you the best color palette that will match your needs. With this in mind, you don’t have to struggle to choose one among the numerous options in front of you.

  • Add Some Personal Touch If Possible

Aside from the original design of your preferred wedding invitation, there are some ways to make it more personal. You may use your initials or names to make a wedding insignia. You can also opt for some photos that feature a romantic picture of you and your soon-to-be lifetime partner.

  • Keep Your Wedding Invitation’s Dimensions In Mind

Don’t just focus on the design of your wedding invitation. You should also pay importance to its dimensions, especially if you have a long guest list and you have a lot of things to include. More often than not, the details about dimensions are provided by the online store or shop. Depending on your chosen online wedding invitation provider, make sure to ask for more information about the dimensions to avoid any problems in the long run.


With the countless online wedding invitation options, it can be confusing to choose the right one for you. But, the best way for you to spot the perfect one is by choosing something that suits your needs and preferences. If you find the options overwhelming, never be afraid to ask help from the professionals as they can guide you in choosing the right wedding invitation design for your big day.

Here’s How To Plan A Spa-Themed Hen Party

Ireland has become a popular wellness destination, as people from all over the globe are visiting the country for a well-deserved spa break amidst the calming green countryside. Indeed, nothing can be more relaxing or indulgent than having a massage or a facial at an awesome spa, which is why brides usually take the time to get one or more treatments before the big day. Going to a spa can also be a fun group activity, so if you have yet to have your hen party, why not plan on having a spa-themed celebration? Whether you decide to do it at home or at an actual spa, aim to give everyone the most authentic and enjoyable spa experience that they’ll remember for years to come. Here’s a guide to planning a spa-themed hen party.

Book licensed massage therapists and facialists

If you’re hosting the hen party at home, then it’s essential to book licensed massage therapists and facialists for the day. Check the classified ads for a mobile massage service provider near your area and inform them about your spa-themed hen party. You should also tell them how many people will be at the party so they can figure out the proper therapist to client ratio for your event. Plan on having treatments that don’t run longer than one hour so that everyone can enjoy a proper massage or facial.

Going to a spa? Ask for group spa packages

If you’d rather have the hen party at a spa, confirm the number of attendees first, then visit at least three to four nearby spas or hotels to find out where you can get the best group deal. If the establishment is offering bundled treatments, get the basic package to save on cost. Massage specialists at Viva Day Spa affirm that a basic spa treatment package usually includes a one-hour massage and a facial or a manicure, so you can get this option for everyone in your party. If your budget allows it, you may want to treat the bride to a bridal spa package, which usually includes one or two more services such as a pedicure and a body scrub. If you can’t find group packages of if they’re being offered at a limited time, you may also want to check out sites such as Groupon as it’s where you can get spa vouchers for everyone.

Don’t forget to have food and gift bags for everyone

All that pampering can work up an appetite, so don’t forget to feed your guests. If you’re having the hen party at a residence, serve finger foods such as sandwiches, cut-up veggies, miniature chicken or beef pies, and other appetizers. Skip the bubbly or cappuccino and serve decaffeinated tea, fresh juices, or sparkling water as having caffeine or alcohol after a massage isn’t recommended. If you’re having the hen party at a spa, make sure that everyone’s done with their treatments, then go to a nearby cafe or bistro for a light snack. You should also plan on giving everyone a spa-themed gift bag so they can continue pampering themselves at home. The gift bag may contain items such as a small pot of homemade sugar scrub, bath gels, body lotion, and sheet masks.

Having a spa-themed hen party can give the bride and her loved ones a relaxing experience before the big day. Try these tips to plan an amazing hen party, and enjoy being pampered!

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring Design…


Now that he finally got on his knees, let’s get down to business. Shopping for the jewellery you guys will be wearing on your special day is a representation of a sealed deal, well, you may prefer to call it ”The Wedding Ring”. 

With so many rings and jewellery stores, getting your wedding rings may seem a herculean task, however, with proper guidance and tips at your fingertips, you might just be doing yourself a huge favour. 

Whether you’re going out on your own or you'll be heading out shopping together, these extensive tips are key to finding the perfect wedding ring will go a long way to take the stress out of the process.

We recommend 6 Tips for finding the perfect wedding ring design…


Knowing what you both want in terms of shape and sparkle-factor will go a long way to getting to the right ring in time. Here, you and spouse should have one or two cuts in mind because every shape/ cut is evaluated inversely with a different price per carat to it. Note that Round Diamond cuts are the most expensive shapes whereas Pear and Marquis are less expensive. If the size is important to you, go for more carats with a less expensive shape. 


Wedding Rings
Gold wedding rings, Silver wedding rings, Rose Gold wedding rings

Customarily, Wedding rings are made from yellow gold rings,

however, if you want a contemporary style, then White or Rose-Gold is preferably what you should embrace while Titanium will suit your groom just fine. 

It is important to consider however your lifestyle and budget before deciding if the metal choice is an important part of your decision. You also want to think about if you want stones set in the bands as well. Note that Silver and Platinum may look alike but Platinum costs significantly more. It's pricier because it has more weight to it, but it's a soft metal and scratches easily. 


While you seek for the clearest possible Diamond despite the carat count, others look out for the size which for them is the kick-off point. Here is a guide, the colour and clarity can be tweaked to find something within your budget. So, if you choose a less common carat, you can save money. Diamond prices increase significantly when they weigh the most desired weights. 

Hey darling, keep your ideal carat size in mind when shopping together, and be flexible on the other elements to suit the budget. Also, you might think you know what size or shape you want, but then when you try it on, your priorities might change entirely because you’re seeing it on your finger in real life. 



Get measured! The case where both parties try to surprise each other without the slightest clue on what their ring sizes are is not ideal. The tip here is to ask your significant other’s BFF to do the measuring for you or borrow a fashion ring he or she wears every day. In this case, you won’t end up spending so much on a ring that cuts off your circulation every now and then or lose it from a slip off your fingers. To be on the safe side, your wedding ring should feel snug but comfortable. 


This is where you will both need to slow down on the euphoria of the day and get to real the business side of your acquisition. When you both conclude on the dream ring, you also want to make sure you purchase a certified stone from an accredited jeweller. It is important you ensure the Certificate Matches the Diamond You purchased 

Most are laser inscribed on the girdle and this can be checked with a jeweller’s loupe, while others have inclusions so you can look at the diamond to match the inadequacies to the map on the certificate. 

Shopping for your rings is probably the most fun part of this whole exercise! Who doesn’t enjoy looking through all the amazing and beautiful ring designs available? But remember that this is an important decision because you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life! So choose wisely


Whatever your focus is, make sure to go shopping for your wedding rings 3-4 months before the wedding day and don’t forget to negotiate like a Boss. 

See you at the altar

Tips for the Best Drone Wedding Photography

Tips for the Best Drone Wedding Photography

Since 2015, the number of registered drones in Ireland has doubled from 5,000 to 12,500, according to the Breaking News. The popularity of drones has increased over the years due to the unique features that allow them to take action shots while maintaining a unique and fascinating perspective of photos. With the in-built cameras that rotate and swivel, photographers can take shots from all sorts of angles without interfering with image quality. Also, these small unmanned aircraft inspire creativity not only in sports, nature, or wildlife but also in wedding photography. That is why couples searching for the greatest wedding photography are investing more in drone photography services.

Learn about Licensing Requirements

Before you can start discussing photo shoots with the aerial photography service provider, make sure you understand the requirements for flying a drone. Some of the limitations you should be aware of include never operating a drone over an assembly of 12 or more people, over 400 feet above the ground, in restricted areas like prisons, and if it will be a cause of danger to other aircraft. According to the team at DroneGuru, authorities are strict when it comes to ensuring drone operators follow applicable laws and standards. And since drone photography is a commercial activity, your service provider must obtain a permit from the Aviation Authority even if the photo session will take place in your property.

Choose a Venue Suitable for Drone Photography

When choosing a wedding venue, remember drone photography is only ideal for outdoor events. You should consider locations like islands, parks, churchyards, or the countryside if you want to capture perfect drone wedding photographs. Once you have identified your ideal venue, experiment with the drone. Fly at different altitudes and take shots at different angles to see what works best for you. Additionally, take advantage of the surroundings to come up with creative images.

Prepare for Editing

No matter how well you prepare for wedding photo shoots, there is always a chance the event will not turn out according to plan. The weather might suddenly change, forcing you to alter the mood and make changes with the pose. You will also need to prepare for editing later on Photoshop to make sure your photographs look perfect, as you had planned.

Wedding photographs capture your special day for a lifetime, which is why you must invest in the right photography services. Make sure your aerial photographer uses the best drones available in the market. They should also guarantee quality images worth the money you will be spending on their drone photography services.

Ring exchange wording etiquette

ring exchange

At weddings, couples have the ring exchange wording after the vow and before rings exchange. Most couples choose to write the exchange of rings script separately, while others merge it with vows. Whichever way, ring exchange vows are quite sacred.

The wedding speech symbolism is of hope, love, promise, and commitment; using a ring. From secular to modern, non-traditional to traditional wedding vows, there's a lot to choose from. If you've chosen to create a separate ring ceremony script, find examples and etiquette for writing ring vows.

Put something down

Take out time to start writing your wedding ring speech. It doesn't have to be all neat and coherent at first. Put all your scattered thoughts on paper. And things will fall in place.

Pointers to help you do that is by thinking about your partner. Think of why you love them. Ask yourself why you're marrying your partner. What's it about them that excites you? What is the greatest promise you ever want to make to your partner? Do you have sweet times? Draw inspiration from that.

ring exchange wording groom an bride exchanging rings


Choose your style

This is an important step to take with your partner. Consult them so that both of you are on the same page. What tone do you want to set for the wedding ring speech? Romantic, funny, or emotional? In what form do you want to say your ring ceremony wording? A poem, speech or quote?

Will there be problems with word usage? Consult your partner to establish words you don't agree on. Honor, obey, for better or worse? You should tackle this early enough to avoid conflicts. How about the length of the ring vows? You want it short and concise or lengthy?

How about wedding ring ceremony ideas? Modern, secular, agnostic, or traditional wedding ring vows? This is a thing to decide between you and your partner. For inspiration on wedding ring exchange vows, see examples below.

Modern ring vows

“I give you this ring to wear with love and joy. As a ring has no end, neither shall my love for you. I choose you to be my (wife/husband) this day and forevermore.”

“This ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your (husband/wife). With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours.”

“I give this ring as my gift to you. Wear it and think of me and know that I love you.”

Traditional ring vows

“I give you this ring as a symbol of our love. All that I am I give to you. All that I have I share with you. I promise to love you, to be faithful and loyal, in good times and bad. May this ring remind you always of the words we have spoken today.

“I give you this ring as a sign of our love, trust, and marriage. I promise to care for you above all others, to give you my love, friendship, and support; and to respect and cherish you throughout our life together.

Make notes into vows

The ring exchange vows are about one minute per person. So it's always best you keep it short. If there's so much more to say, write it in a letter and gift your wife on the wedding night. Pick out 5 to 7 most important things from your note and use them to make foundations for your vows. Break them into reasons and promises. Keep your sentences short, and vows succinct. See more examples below.

Religious ring vows

“This ring I give you, in token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love.”

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness.”

“With this ring, I wed you, and pledge you, my love, now and forever.”

ring exchange wording wedding ceremony exchanging rings


Practice until you're happy

Your vow must ring true to your wife and the audience. So practice hard and always. Practice with the mirror, a mock audience and with yourself. Keep talking until you're happy at how you sound. Memorize them, so that they're more heartfelt. But it's also good you have them typed, to avoid a trip.

Ring exchange wording can be romantic, funny, traditional or secular. Take inspiration from post and write your ring vows.

Most Amazing Wedding Theme Ideas Worldwide

sunset wedding theme ideas

Some people know exactly what they want the moment they get engaged. They've had their wedding planned out for years; everything from the floral arrangements to the dress style is on a secret Pinterest board before anyone says “yes.”

For other people, visualizing what they want isn't so simple. They get overwhelmed by the ideas and inspiration that's available with them and struggle with choosing something unique.

If you fall into the latter category, help is on the way. Here are five of the most amazing wedding theme ideas worldwide.


Imagine capturing the joy you once experienced when going to a carnival as a child. The smell of popcorn, the rides, the fun and laughter– being able to recreate that childlike wonder would be a dream.

Having a carnival wedding allows you to do just that. There are a few ways to go about it: plan your wedding for a weekend when a carnival is in town and crash. Alternatively, get a large space to host your own. Rent a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round, set up a big tent for the ceremony, Grab a fun, vintage dress, eat cotton candy, and marry the love of your life.


Eco-chic is a fan-favorite theme for the millennial generation. The goal of this approach is to minimize the negative impact your event has on the environment. The wedding industry has a disposable dark-side that eco-conscious couples try to avoid.

Use natural surroundings rather than purchasing flowers. Give trees to plant as wedding favors. Use seed paper for your invitations. Opt for natural lighting and acoustic music rather than plugging in. Cap it off by having a tech-free ceremony that will keep your guests engaged and your photos incredible. Use some old bourbon barrels for the decor as well, and even turn them into some handy object after the big day!

wedding theme ideas worldwide


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made being a geek cool. If you grew up with superhero posters on your wall and dreams of getting bit by a radioactive spider, this theme is for you.

Opt for bridesmaid dresses in colors that represent your favorite heroes. Send out comic book style invitations with commissioned graphics of you and your spouse. Use speech and action bubbles as a part of your decor. Finally, have a heroes versus villains choreographed battle rather than a bridal party dance. Even your non-geeky guests will love it!

Summer Camp

Wedding weekends are an increasingly popular trend in the world of weddings. Couples understand the value of stretching out the event and getting a chance to interact with everyone, as the wedding day can be such a whirlwind.

The summer camp theme is a great way to host a large group in a way that's fun an interactive. Arrange for camp-style games the day before the wedding. Have a bonfire, roast smores, and mingle with your guests. Provide plaid blankets and camp packs with bug spray and sunscreen as welcome packets. Roll your wedding and summer vacation into one incredible event. You can even settle your honeymoon at the same location, and ask your guest to participate in sharing costs of it by creating a honeymoon registry – which will make it more easy for you to arrange such a big manifestation!

Setting Sail

The nautical theme has long been a time-honored tradition around the world. Take that experience to the next level with a wedding aboard a ship. Depending on your location and budget, you can take advantage of a cruise liner or have a pirate-inspired wedding aboard a traditional tall ship.

Who needs floral decor when you have the sun setting over the waves on the wide-open sea? If nothing else, the photos will be spectacular.

If you've been struggling to find a wedding theme idea that speaks to you, try one of the above. Alternatively, make the theme of your wedding “Us.” Mix and match your favorite things and celebrate your love in the truest way possible. No two “us” themes are alike!

Planning Your Dream Wedding? How to Start Planning and Stay On Budget

planning dream wedding wedding decorations

The average Irish period of engagement is usually up to 20 months. This gives plenty of time for the couple to plan their ultimate wedding. Your marriage ceremony is one of the most memorable moments of your life, so you may feel the pressure of having an extravagant celebration. But you shouldn't have to go into debt to achieve your dream wedding. You can have a beautiful wedding to remember for the rest of your life, regardless of your budget. All it takes is a bit of proper planning and a bit of frugality to get started.

Aim for a Debt-Free Ceremony

debt free wedding

Irish couples prefer a summer wedding, which usually occurs between July and August. So, a dilemma is how you can lower your wedding costs and keep you on your budget range. Make sure you are not one of those couples that go over their wedding budget. Begin by charging responsibly. Even if it is tempting to increase your cash flow with the use of your credit cards, see that you do not go overboard on monthly draft fees. Also, take advantage of the rewards you've earned during the period of zero percent-APR and use them on your honeymoon or pay off the remaining expenses on your wedding.

Be Mindful Of Wedding Costs

The number of guests will determine most of the total expenses, especially the size of the venue and catering. When you look at your big day as per guest expenditure, it can put the wedding expenses into perspective. This will give you an idea of what you need to pay for; such as giveaway favors, invitations, table settings, cake servings, and rentals. Other important factors to consider include the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, hair and makeup, shoes, and other aesthetic expenses. By shopping wisely and sticking to your budget, you can avoid spending most of your budget on these necessities. In fact, asking your wedding party to color coordinate rather than assigning the same attire will help you save a huge chunk of your budget.

Having an open discussion with your spouse and respective families will help make all the difference in the total outcome. Talk honestly and openly about all the important details and areas of the wedding, particularly on money matters. Look at the whole picture and see where you can save and splurge. Make sure to save an extra amount for unexpected expenses when planning your wedding.

Hiring a Babysitter for your Wedding Day

wedding babysitters

The most amazing day of your life is fast approaching. You are ready to marry the love of your life. The never ending list of tasks are slowly coming to an end. Is childcare something you have considered for your big day? Where to begin when organising childcare for such a big event. Finding a babysitter is not always as easy as you may think and can be more difficult if you are visiting Ireland as a non-local. Here are some tips to help you organise childcare for your wedding.

#1 Ask yourself – what do you need

mr and mrs

First you need to ask yourself exactly what you are looking for. How many hours do you need to hire a babysitter for? How many children need to be cared for? Will your guests require childcare? What is your budget? Knowing what you need is extremely helpful in finding the perfect babysitter for you and your family.

#2 Find suitable matches

In Ireland it is common that parents searching for child care have close family and friends happy to look after their children. However, as it is your wedding day, your family and friends are most likely going to be celebrating the special day with you. Fortunately this does not need to be a problem. Due to the internet and the growth in the number of babysitting platforms online such as Babysits, finding a babysitter has never been easier! Websites like this help to connect parents and babysitters and are generally a more affordable and efficient option than hiring a babysitter by going through an agency. In order to find the perfect babysitter for you, take your time and read through each profile carefully. Profiles that are detailed, well-written and include profile pictures are the most reliable. There is also feedback from other parents on profiles that have had previous babysitting jobs through the website. To give yourself more options, contact multiple babysitters at once as this will give you an idea of which childcare provider will fit best with your family!

#3 Get to know the babysitter

It is important to meet with your babysitter before the event. But due to the long list of tasks every bride and groom faces this may not be possible. Alternatively, to make your life easier you could arrange a video call with your babysitter. Meeting with your babysitter in some way always helps to ease any worries you may have. It also helps you decide if this babysitter is right for you as you can ask more in-depth questions. For example, specific requirements, fees, hours etc. Make the rules and responsibilities of the job clear from the get go.

#4 Question the babysitter

Be prepared, just like an interview for a job have a list of important questions you want answered. By doing this you get to know your babysitter as much as possible and you wont leave anything out. Examples of good questions to ask would be about their experience, and how they cope with emergencies. It's also a good idea to ask some light hearted questions at the end so they can learn a bit more about your personality and vice versa.

#5 Do your research

As suggested before, time may not always be on your side in the upcoming weeks to your wedding. Therefore references are an extremely good and reliable way to learn if your babysitter is suitable. You may also wish to run an informal background check. This usually consists of checking the candidate’s social media platforms whilst a formal background check usually involves utilising Government sources. Services like Babysits provide feedback and reviews from other parents on babysitters profiles and can act as a very dependable form of reassurance.

#6 Trust your judgement!

If you are still hesitant after following these tips, trust your gut instinct! If you are not feeling 100% about your babysitter then trust that instinct. Only hire a sitter that doesn’t raise any concerns or set off any alarms. There are many babysitters to choose from don't decide in haste. You don’t want to be worrying about your children on your big day so trust your judgement and enjoy your wedding day!

If you need a babysitter, check out Babysits a community of over 1,400,000 members in over 28 countries! Babysits can help relieve some of your wedding day nerves and allow you to focus on the many other considerations that go into making your dream day a reality.

Voltaire Diamonds – Diamond Specialists



Seamus FahyJudging by a recent increase in the purchase of diamonds, they’re not just a girl’s best friend, says Seamus Fahy, founder of Voltaire Diamonds, who has offices in Dublin and London.

“Without a doubt, we have seen an increase in sales this year, a sign that the economy is picking up.” He says spend is up by 15 per cent in some cases. “Most of our market comprises of people buying engagement rings. The average spend is anything between €1000 and €4500, with most people going for engagement rings within the €2,500 to €3,500 mark.”

Fahy set up the company in 2006 in order to sell diamonds at competitive prices. “I thought that people would be able to get cheaper deals if we cut out the middle man- in this case, the store. It means the overheads are lower so customers get more diamond for their money. I did a lot of research before I opened a business and studied gemology at the Gemological Institute of America,” he says.

There are 22,000 weddings a year in Ireland, so there’s always a market for diamond engagement rings and very often people use diamonds in their wedding rings too. “People first come to us when they get engaged. Then they come back to us when they want to buy eternity rings later on or special rings for when their first baby is born. What we have realised this year is that discretionary spend has increased, where a few years ago no one was spending money on pendants, earrings, bracelets and such items.”

Fahy says men who are looking to propose to their girlfriends are often intimidated by shops, so having offices near St. Stephens Green in the heart of Dublin where people can look at rings in a comfortable environment is preferable to many of them.”

Wesley Quirke, Rosanna Davison’s now husband bought her diamond engagement ring at Voltaire Diamonds.

“Wes designed the ring and we made it for him. It's a cushion cut diamond engagement ring with diamond-set shoulders,” he said. Clearly Rosanna loved the €40,000 ring and she was photographed with it in numerous leading Irish newspapers. TV star Karen Koster also bought her engagement ring at Voltaire diamonds.

“We do advise people to shop around, see what they like and then come back to us. We will then be able to offer a cheaper price. We even suggest they take photos so we know what they want. Our experienced craftspeople create an extensive range of engagement rings and diamond jewellery to suit all requirements and budgets. We also create unique bespoke designs. If you have a design in mind then we will work closely with you and liaise with our craftsmen to produce the ring of your dreams.”

Voltaire buy all our diamonds from Antwerp, where diamond sales have also increased this year. Some of the biggest diamond traders reported profits up to 35 per cent for the first six months of the year. All diamonds are ethically originally sourced in South Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia.

“We supply loose diamonds in various shapes, sizes and colours. Many customers like the option of purchasing a loose diamond and bringing it to a jeweler of their choice to be set. We are very happy to source that special diamond for you and guide you through this process,” he says.

Fahy also owns Merrion Vaults in Dublin. “We have over 2,500 safes, where people can leave their valuables for as little as €200 a year. They not only buy themselves piece of mind, but it’s cheaper than if they insure their valuables on their contents insurance. “Average contents in safes are worth between €70,000 to €80,000, so the saving are considerable.” They are not just useful for jewelry, he says. “Personal items, deeds, medals and things close to people’s hearts are left in the vaults, as many of these can’t be replaced.” People no longer trust the banks and aggravated burglaries have increased, so a safe is by all accounts a safe option.


He has also recently launched Merrion Gold, also based in Dublin. “There has been a particular interest in coins this past year. Gold coins are big sellers as they are manageable and more reliable than shares. Gold never really loses its value.”

For more information visit www.voltairediamonds.ie or call Dublin: (01) 677 8449 or London: 020 7404 7524.

Planning Your Perfect Irish Honeymoon Road Trip

Planning Your Perfect Irish Honeymoon Road Trip

Irish newlyweds spend 67% more money on their honeymoon than regular vacations, according to a new survey by Censuswide. So, what makes Ireland so interesting that these couples prefer to spend that much locally? From breathtaking sea cliffs, rolling hills, luxury castles, and other incredible and romantic scenery, Ireland has something for every couple out there. Whether in a luxurious RV, van, or a classic car, the country’s vastness and variety of scenic power will give you the fun-filled and romantic honeymoon road trip you always craved. But how do you plan to convert all these into a unique and memorable honeymoon?

Getting ready to hit the road

Before you even consider where to drive to, you need to discuss how far you can afford to go. Coming up with a detailed budget is paramount. While at it, make sure to start with crucial areas such as accommodation, fuel, car emergencies, and impulse shopping expenses. To avoid maintenance chaos, make sure your vehicle is in good shape. Have your mechanic check the oil, filters, tyre condition, AC, brakes, and other safety features. If you will be towing your camping trailer, make sure it is intact as well. Your RV may have been sealed up all winter long. If that's the case, take the time to open all the windows, clean everything, check for any leaks, and ensure the electrical systems and all other functionalities are working well. Another thing to include in your plan is emergency food. You need to pack simple snacks like chocolate and energy bites and set aside money to restock them as you make your stops. Regarding entertainment, don't forget to carry a playlist of the most enjoyable tracks that you both relish. However, don't let it interfere with the romantic stories that the environment is whispering to your ears as you drive. It's also advisable to plan for travel insurance depending on your routes, places you are staying it, and the length of your road trip.

Enjoying the romantic destinations of Ireland

If you fancy midnight romance, be sure to drive to King of Kerry and spend time at the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve. On a moonless night, you can see the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy and other clusters that describe pure love and romance. Valentia Island, which is near Kelly Cliffs, has a stunning lighthouse to watch the sunset sea as you stop for ice cream in the friendly sea-towns nearby. Other key romantic areas to visit include, Killarney, Dingle Peninsula, and Doolin, which is perfect for romantic photos filled with authentic Irish charm. Your itinerary is not complete if you haven't planned to go kiss the Blarney Stone that is surrounded by a phenomenal landscape to spend romantic hours in. All these places have beautiful accommodation facilities, some dating back to the 15th century. They offer all kinds of budget-friendly and luxurious packages that will make your honeymoon road trip memorable.

 No rule says you have to board a plane after your wedding – going on a road trip could be better. Planning your perfect Irish honeymoon road trip does not have to be complicated. All you need is a detailed and timely budget and a well-researched itinerary. You can leverage road trips apps to provide further tips and suggestions. With Ireland’s scenery, fantastic food, welcoming people, and diversity of experiences, you do not have to take the typical vacation abroad.

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