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10 Most Popular Irish Wedding Bands

wedding bands ireland

So your wedding plans are well underway and it’s time to pick entertainment. Among the many options on the table is hiring a band. This will be the team responsible for the music played during the ceremony and if you like, during to the reception and after party. The problem is, you will be spoilt for choice; you have a vast number of choices ranging from the local garage bands to the ones who have won a national spotlight. You may therefore need some help figuring out which one to go with.

Friends, family and online searches are great sources of information on which group is currently rocking the wedding scenes. Questions however arise: What makes a good band? What kind of music should be played- covers or original compositions?  Will they keep your guests engaged and entertained? It is easier to make your pick when you have a list to compare and contrast. Here is our list for the 10 most popular Irish wedding bands.

Top Irish Wedding Bands

#0 The Dream Band

Does a large and multi-talented ensemble appeal to your love of live music? If so, then The Dream Band is your kind of band. This is one of Ireland’s best wedding and corporate performers. They bring to the table a 6 to 12-piece act, making them more than an average ensemble. The high flying band boasts of elite clientele- the likes of BMW and BA Airlines.

Behind the instruments is a multi-cultural group with members coming from as far as Japan and Peru. This versatility provides a unique blend of style and energy that will keep your wedding guests rocking all day long. What’s more, their packages also include an in-house DJ. They are also renowned for overseas performances, hence a good choice for your destination wedding.

#1 Pink Champagne

If you are looking for a dynamic and exciting group of performers, then Pink Champagne is just that. The band is made of four artists who can all sing, a unique quality not seen in most groups. They also boast of a star keyboard player who is also good with a trumpet. The band is renowned for their expert performance of wedding songs of all ages.

From 1940s songs to the current charts, Pink Champagne are ready to cover music from any decade you want. Their versatility and professionalism has seen many awards come their way. Such include Irish Wedding Awards’ “Entertainers of the Year” and multiple “Wedding Band of Year” Award from online publications. It’s also worth mentioning that they are available to perform at weddings abroad.

#2 The Firm

The Firm has been touted as one of the best wedding bands in the country, if not internationally. Made of some of Ireland’s best musicians, the group brings out energy and excitement in each and every song. With both male and female vocalists making up the crew of 5, the band is definitely versatile in every sense. They have performed in high profile events including at the Aviva Stadium.

Among its outstanding members is lead singer Laura who continues to receive praises for her amazing vocals. Reading the mood of the audience is also a strong suit of the group, so expect your guests to be engage at all times. The Firm comes with playlists touching on modern chart toppers, 80’s and 90’s hits, as well as waltzes and oldies. To better sample the band’s talent, you can attend free viewing in select establishments across Dublin.

#3 Jungle Boogie

Are you a rugby fan? Then you probably hear of Jungle Boogie, the homecoming band for the Ireland’s IRFU. The band is arguably one of the most professional outfits in the country, a trait that has allowed them to perform in over 1000 weddings. Behind this success is a 5 piece of talented individuals, each an artist in their own right. Among the outstanding talents is the lead singer Andrew, a finalist of the hit reality show, The Voice of Ireland.

Also in the ranks is Larry, who has worked with Bono and Ronan Keating. He also brings platinum-level mastery from performing and recording hit music over the years and writes music for television. What’s more, Jungle Boogie also boasts of Brian Hogan, a member of ‘Kila’, another successful band in the country. Not to forget Paul, the drummer who has played with some of Ireland’s top musicians.

#4 Party at the Back

Serving the island and Sunset Strip with 80’s music is the Tribute Band aptly named Party at the Back. The members, Blaze, Storm and Tico, have been rocking the greatest hits from the era in weddings across the country. The trio has over 50 years of experience between them, a trait that allows them to switch effortlessly between songs to keep guests on the party floor.

Their costumes and their general act are reminiscent of the great 80’s, meaning they can be a great addition to an oldies-themed wedding ceremony. The group has had world famous live shows that have seen their portfolio continue to rise with every event they perform at.

#5 Blue Moose

This is one of the high energy wedding bands in Ireland right now. The 5-man outfit is headed by Tony Ward, a founding member and accomplished showman. They have been performing for over 20 years and are a favorite addition to most Irish weddings. Each member has something unique to bring to the table which adds to the group’s versatility and success.

Tony can command any size of crowd, an experience that has led the group to many successful gigs both at home and abroad. The band’s guitarist, Phillip has been playing for over 30 years. Tamas is the man behind keyboards and is also trained in sax and clarinet. Production and engineering fall under Ben, an amazing instruments player who comes with endorsements from Zildjian Cymbals and Vater. Bass is manned by Keith, who has played alongside Lisa Mc Hugh among other great artists.

#6 The Celtic Factor

This is a band that will bring a unique traditional experience to your ceremony. The Celtic Factor identifies as a traditional Irish band and will comfortable handle oldies from way back. From ballads to Irish folk music, the group has a playlist that will bring nostalgia to everyone present.

It’s not just the singing that works for them, but also mastery of to the almost-forgotten instruments like the mandolin, accordion and the bodhrán. If you decide to hire the group, adding a few Irish dancers to the act can do for a wholesome event. What’s more, testimonials from previous party goers point to a band that is organized, energetic and accommodating.

#7 Brass Tacks

This is a rocking piece made of 4 accomplished musicians. The band has amassed lots of experience from playing with other successful acts such as The Frames, and James Vincent Mc Morrow and Jerry Fish. For a wedding gig, the group brings a set list of upbeat and fun music. They are also good at playing any music as per requests; be it jazz classics, slow instrumentals or current top chart music.

Among other things going for Brass Tacks is their considerably lower rates. This has seen them listed among best bands for a budget wedding. Their memorable performances and excellent crowd engagement have led to positive reviews and features in wedding publications.

#8 Boombastic Brass

This is a 6 piece brass band made up of 2 saxophones, a drummer, a trombone, a trumpet and a sousaphone. The group is known for high energy performance and chilled sets that are well timed. They are also renowned for electric walk about performances that are sure to keep guests on their feet and thoroughly delighted.

To ensure that the band is completely mobile at any given time, the drummer has his set in a portable harness. Their playlists are carefully selected to include both the classics and current chart toppers. Their style is well coordinated with individual talents also getting a chance to wow your guests.

#9 The Midnight Revellers

This Dublin based wedding band consisting of 3 members. It’s a cover band made up of highly professional and talented musicians. Between the ranks is a powerful exciting sound, which is sure to electrify any number of guests. They can supply any music of your choosing from classic Irish songs to modern hits.

The group also performs their own composition, courtesy of Andrew and Meg- a duo with pitch perfect harmony that is unrivaled by most musicians. The act is also flexible and can get an extra member if need arises. This allows for a combination of instruments and vocals for any part of your wedding; whether it’s the main ceremony, reception or after parties.

#10 Whitewater

The band was established in 2002 and has been performing ever since. They have continued to be on the rise, resulting in performances at major events and festivals across the country. They have also toured much of the UK which has made them a major force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Apart from rocking the wedding scenes, the band is available for corporate and exclusive parties. Wedding bands and DJs go together, a fact that has not escaped Whitewater. To ensure that you get a complete act, the groups offers packages inclusive of a DJ. This dynamic business model allows them to be a favorite for couples going for a budget wedding.

Final Word

The form of entertainment that you choose for your wedding is vital to the success of the day. It might make the difference between a plain and a lively ceremony. This is where a band comes in; with it comes the electric, lively and if need be, slow and cool music for everyone’s enjoyment.

The above list comprises of the top wedding bands worthy of your consideration. Our hotlist takes into consideration diverse groups including brass, jazz, Rock N’ Roll and traditional wedding bands.

5 Easy Gifts for Your Bridal Party

gifts for bridal party

When you’re a bride, you have a lot on your plate. You have to figure out your venue, find the perfect dress, get a makeup artist, choose food, invite guests and — well, you get the idea. However, one part of your wedding planning that you shouldn’t forget about is getting gifts for your bridesmaids.

After all, your bridesmaids are on your team helping you get things done along the way! Below, we’ll give you some ideas for cute gifts for your bridal party they’re sure to appreciate.

1.  Comfy shoes

Instead of having your bridal party fend for themselves when it comes to buying shoes for your wedding, consider getting them matching dressy flats. The best part? Your bridal party will be able to wear the shoes for tons of different occasions after your nuptials are over. Plus, dressy flats are fancy enough to wear out but casual enough to wear to a daytime event.

And, let’s be real: nobody wants to be that one bridesmaid that either has to go barefoot or take off her shoes due to uncomfortable high heels. Give your girl squad the gift of comfort so they can dance away the night without worrying about having an extra pair of shoes or carrying around band-aids.

2.  A self-care box

As a bride, you might be incredibly stressed out trying to get all the details of your wedding under control. We don’t blame you if you forget all about the various stresses of your bridesmaids. But your bridal party might be under strain, as well. Maybe some women in your bridal party are traveling far distances or have to take time off work in order to attend your wedding, for example.

Recognize the sacrifices of your bridesmaids by gifting them a little self-care box at your hen party. Here are some cute things to include in the self-care box:

  • Face masks: Choose a cute or funny face mask or go for an extra glamorous one like a 24k gold face mask.
  • Relaxing candle: A relaxing candle in a scent like lavender or vanilla is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids.
  • Mini bottle of champagne: A small bottle of bubbly is the perfect addition to a self-care box.
  • A paper crown: Your bridesmaids might not be the star of the show but that doesn’t mean they aren’t princesses in their own right.
  • An adult coloring book: If you have a stressed out bridal party on your hands, get those ladies to chill out with a good ol’ fashioned coloring book.
  • Handcrafted, dark chocolate: Who could turn away a delicious bar of craft chocolate?
  • Wildflower seeds: Show your bridesmaids you’re ready to watch them bloom with a cute packet of wildflower seeds.

what gifts for bridal party

3.  A bridesmaid dress they can actually wear again

One consideration you might want to keep in mind when you’re choosing bridesmaid dresses is deciding on a style that can be worn outside of your wedding. You’ll also get bonus points if you simply give your bridesmaids a color to work with and set them out on their own to get a dress that best matches their personality.

4.  A print-out of pictures from the hen party

Party favors are a great way to show your friends that you care. One of the best party favors is giving your guests printed-out photos from your hen weekend. You can use a service to print out your pictures from Instagram or invest in an instant film camera specifically for your special weekend and the big day.

5.  Special jewellery for your big day

A very special gift you can give your bridesmaids is exquisite jewellery for your big day. For example, depending on the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the colors of your wedding, you can gift your gal pals with either silver or gold necklaces. They don’t have to be exorbitantly expensive, just simple tokens of your appreciation!


When you’re preparing for your wedding, you might be overwhelmed with what seems like a never-ending to-do list. But while you’re in the middle of trying to figure out what flavor you want for your cake and the color palette of your wedding, don’t forget about your amazing bridesmaids and making them feel special. With these gifts, they’ll be sure to feel appreciated and ready to celebrate with you on your big day.

10 Most Popular Irish Wedding Singers

top irish wedding singers

Your wedding day is more than just a day when you say I do; it is a celebration that brings friends and family together to share in your joy. Music contributes to a big portion of this celebration.

When it comes down to choosing your wedding music, having a collection of music playing in the background may just not be enough to set the mood, elicit desired emotions and communicate your message of love the way you want it done. Fortunately, a wedding ceremony singer will not only do that but will also add a touch of sophistication and make your wedding music truly special for you, your significant other and your guests.

Getting married in Ireland opens you up to a host of wedding singers and you can honestly get lost in there as you look for the perfect one. To ease your burden, we have narrowed the list to 10 most popular wedding ceremony singers in Ireland. Whatever style works for you, you are bound to find just the right singer for your occasion.

#0 Jo Petit
With a vast experience in the music industry, Jo Petit is one of the most popular names in Ireland’s wedding entertainment scene. He has been part of successful groups such as ‘The Boulevard’ and supporting hug acts, such Westlife. Currently, he is part of an ensemble of talented musicians, rocking Ireland and overseas under the banner of The Dream Band- backed by Takeyama, Rocha, Tierney, Furey and Vial.

For your wedding, he brings a talent honed from growing up around jazz and soul tunes. With him in the lead, expect your guest to be entertained with music that cuts across all generations; from This is Love by Will. I Am to Last Waltz by Engelbert Humperdinck. Is yours a destination wedding? Jo goes where the music takes him; be it across the UK, Germany or an overseas venue of your choosing.

#1 Tracy Gallagher

Tracy Gallagher is singer/songwriter who offers you anything from specially preferred music to a cocktail of styles for your wedding. If you have no idea how to go about selecting music for your big day, Tracy will help both of you figure it out.

Whether your favorite genre is Classical, Traditional, Gospel, Contemporary, Hymns, Pop, Soul, Ballads or alternative music, she works closely with both of you to ensure that your wedding day music is “tailored to your individual taste and requirements”

Tracy, who is currently based in Dublin, originates from Mayo. She is available nationwide to sing for practically any type of wedding.

#2 Moon and Son

If you are looking to fill your wedding day airwaves with blues and jazz, you cannot go wrong with Nigel and Charlie, the father and son pair behind the Moon and Son outfit. Nigel Mooney has topped the list of jazz and blues singers in Ireland for over 30 years while his son, who has closely followed in the footsteps of his musical parents, has also curved out a reputation for himself with his sweet voice and guitar skills.

Whether you need music for your marriage ceremony, reception, or both, the pair, armed with their guitars have your back. Moon and Son are available to perform nationwide. While they are complete on their own, they offer you a provision for added musicians at an extra cost should you prefer it especially for the reception.

#3 Laura Bolger

Laura comes with an experience spanning 20 years as a leading wedding singer. Based in Dublin and Leinster, she has graced many events including corporate and private ceremonies in the region and nationally. She is also ready to fly off abroad to a destination wedding venue of your choosing. With many weddings under her belt, she can be instrumental at picking the right playlist for your ceremony.

From church weddings and civil unions to humanist ceremonies, Laura has music lined up for every occasion. Her expertise and passion comes from training as a vocalist in various genres. Her performances include classical songs, traditional songs, and modern chart toppers. She is also known for mastery of contemporary as well as religious music.

#4 Antoinette

Antoinette is a Dublin based church and wedding singer. She started out with the St a folk group for over 10 years, before embarking on a solo career. Over the years, she has worked with many ensembles including Soul & Motown bands, in both national and international engagements. Some of her overseas performances have seen her traveling to Israel, Singapore and Qatar among other regions.

Her services include church and civil ceremonies as well as pre-dinner and reception entertainment. Her charges are typically favorable with the option of negotiable fees depending on location and type of services required. Typically she charges from €450 for a wedding ceremony in Dublin- price inclusive of a piano player.

#5 John Walsh

John is an accomplished singer and guitar player based in Dublin. He is a wedding singer with a unique take on different songs. Being one of the best professional guitarists in Ireland has seen John prosper in both solo and ensemble performances. He has vast experience in performing at different ceremonies including civil unions, church weddings, reception and after wedding parties.

For the main ceremony he has a fitting selection of church and classical music while the reception gets Flamenco and Latin tunes. His set list is also flexible enough to accommodate requests, be it contemporary or popular modern hits. His music selection is known to add character and warmth to any celebration. To make the presentation even better, he is ready to give suggestions on other additional singers.

#6 Fiach Moriarty

Here is one Irish singer fit to perform in any occasion and for whichever number of guests in attendance. Fiach Moriarty is a renowned singer and songwriter with a stellar reputation that puts him amongst the greatest lead singers in the country. He has had a successful career working with award winners such a Paul Brady, Brian Kennedy, Declan O’Rourke, Paddy Casey and Una Healy.

Also, he has performed in televisions shows such as Ray D’arcy Show, Other Voices and Saturday Night Show. His style is one that will bring sparkle and joy to your ceremony. He is open to performing at all weddings be they civil, church or other such ceremonies. His services are packaged to include pre-wedding consultation, female singer, reception entertainment and nationwide travel, and so on.

#7 Maria Fitzgerald

A personal touch and perfect planning is among the qualities that define Maria Fitzgerald. She is a singer with over 15 years of experience singing in weddings throughout Ireland and abroad. Also, she is a graduate of the ‘Royal Academy of Music’ in London. She comes with a team of accomplished musicians with whom she has created some memorable music in every wedding.

To help in ensuring smooth running of the day’s music, Maria offers favourable packages. Such include additional instrument players and varying music set list depending on your personal preferences. The team has had a god run appearing in performances with U2, Michael Buble, The National Symphony Orchestra and The Late Late Show.

#8 Sinéad Walshe

Sinéad is an award winning singer and harpist who is available to perform at a wide range of events. She is a highly trained classical musician with over 20 years of experience. She started her career as a resident singer and harpist for different venues in the 90’s before settling in Dublin. She now performs for different occasions including wedding and corporate events.

Her extensive repertoire has seen her grace weddings across the country, including performances in Adare Manor, one of Ireland’s top wedding venues. She can sing and play varying genres including sacred, traditional and classical pieces. Whether it’s during the procession or reception, Sinéad comes prepared with a song for every part of your ceremony. She also plays as part of harpist trio as well as in combination with violinists.

#9 Joanna Marie Burke

Joanna is a songwriter, singer and music enthusiast with over 12 years of experience performing in weddings. Her style is a creative set list with less traditional songs. She however welcomes input from the happy couple on choice of songs, to help in capturing the right mood. Her solo act usually involves guitar playing, which she is an expert at.

For additional instruments, she can get you in touch with other musicians in her circle. She has recorded music with fellow artist Daniel Vezoja and released several singles- music that is sure to get guests interested. Most of her performances involves the services of a backing guitarist; a combination that has resulted in beautiful and unique music.

#10 Kevin O’Sullivan

Kevin is a church singer who is available for any type of wedding. He performs in civil, church, and spiritual ceremonies as well as in corporate ceremonies across the country. He is a skilled vocalist with several awards under his belt, including winning the ‘Leinster Vocal Championship’, ‘Stars of Our Bars’ and the ‘All South Singing

His packages are tailored to deliver entertainment and sublime atmosphere to your ceremony. Booking music for the main ceremony together with pre-dinner entertainment gets you a special discount. What’s more, he has fellow artists ready to step in for the ultimate entertainment package- a 2 piece band (Orion) and a DJ.

Final Word

Singers are a great addition to any wedding ceremony. Depending on choice of songs and how the performance is executed, they can set the mood which does a great job in keeping your guests entertained. That said, each singer comes with an advantage over the others, depending on specialty and passion. The above list samples the best wedding singers Ireland has to offer, making it easier for you to hire the best solo act or ensemble for your big day.


How to Rock a Wedding as the World’s Best Groomsman

best man

So, your best buddy has finally found the girl of his dreams and you’ve been hand-selected to be one of his groomsmen. You are well aware that his wedding day is one of the most important days of his life, and as a groomsman, you’ve been honored with a special role in it. You’ll be by his side as he wades through the waters of preparation, the dozens of major choices that need to be made, and, of course, the big day itself.

This is your opportunity to man-up and be the type of responsible groomsman who makes sure his buddy has the time of his life. Being a good groomsman isn’t all about cigars and the stag party, you really need to put a bit of time and effort into becoming the great one your friend deserves.

Help with the Stag Party

Even if you aren’t the best man, there’s always room to help with the stag party. Out-of-town stag parties are an extremely popular trend right now, making the planning process more complex than ever. Expenses and travel routes are typically spread between all the groomsmen, making it a potential logistical nightmare. If no one is very familiar with the destination, offer to do some research on the best dining, activities, and bars to be found there. Reach out to the best man early on to help coordinate the stag do party with him, even if you’ll be staying local.

Be Inclusive

The groom’s group of groomsmen may include men who’ve been part of his life at various times. The group might include high school friends, buddies from college, friends from work, and relatives. A great groomsman will make sure that everyone gets to know each other and feels included in the group.


Try to avoid inside jokes or stories without inviting the groomsmen who weren’t there to join in the revelry. Go out of your way to make conversation or have drinks with the groomsmen you don’t know well. Having the groomsmen group getting along well will keep the groom from feeling like he has to play the role of gracious host.

Lend a Hand Before You Are Asked

All groomsmen say, “please let me know how I can help.” Be truly helpful and find specific tasks that you can offer to take on both during the planning process and on the day of the wedding or rehearsal dinner. You can offer to fetch the groom’s tuxedo or groomsmen suits, pick up family members at the airport, or help coordinate shuttles to and from hotels to the wedding. Any little thing you can take off the plate of the bride and groom will be greatly appreciated.

Remember it’s Not Just About the Groom

While your main duty is to be there for your buddy on his big day, being there for everyone else in the wedding party will ultimately help make sure his day is hassle-free. Remember that while getting ready for you means putting on a suit and making sure your hair is decent, the getting-ready process is a heck of a lot more extensive for the bridal party. The day starts at the crack of dawn and is jammed with professional hair styling, makeup, accessories, and, of course, catering to anything and everything the bride may need.

Offer early on in the day to help with anything the ladies may need. There will always be some potential emergency or item that is needed on the day of the wedding. This should go without saying, but don’t be shy or reserved about it, simply offer your help.

Be a Point Person on the Big Day

It’s the nature of guests to have some small inquiries on the day of the wedding. While they may seem like small questions to them, they can become overwhelming if they are being consistently asked of the bride, the couple’s parents, the wedding planner, or any other member of the wedding party that has an assigned duty. Familiarize yourself with all the details of the event so you can help answer any questions on the big day. For example, know where the gifts should go, when shuttles are departing to the reception, and where the guest book is located.

Add Some Pizzazz to the Party

Your groomsman duties don’t stop after the ‘I do.’ You are still a big part of the wedding and it’s your job to help make sure everyone has a blast at the reception. Go out of your way to focus on helping other people have a great time, not just hitting the open bar.

Introduce yourself to anyone who looks like they may not know many people. Ask the grandmother of the bride or groom to dance. Introduce guests to each other as you meet them. Ask if you can get anyone a drink refill. Tear up the dance floor and encourage people to join in. Basically, help everyone have an amazing time and feel included.

Beat the Photographer to the Punch

Take some great photos throughout the wedding that the couple would appreciate. Remember that the newlyweds typically don’t get to see photos from their photographer for a minimum of a few days. Make the effort to take candid photos of important moments and important guests throughout the ceremony and reception.

wedding photographer

The bride and groom will be thrilled to have photos to immediately look over en route to their honeymoon. You can also go above and beyond by being the point person for a group email or airdrop to collect photos that other members of the wedding party took on the night of the wedding.

10 Most Popular Irish Wedding Photographers

wedding photographer ireland

One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is photography. The images captured that day will be a visual reminder of the highlights of your nuptials. Ever seen an old couple grinning from ear to ear as they show off their wedding album? Well, that’s what you should aim for- a wedding album of all ages!

To achieve this, you need the best photographer there is; an artist who can bring life to the most mundane moments and one whose creativity will add thrill even to the unposed shots. That said, there are many photographers and choosing the best can eat into your other wedding plans. To give you a head start, here is our shortlist of 10 most popular Irish wedding photographers.


Elegance and sophistication is what David brings to your wedding. He is an avid observer with an eye for documenting emotions through a camera lens. He is the founder of FrainPhoto, a team of photographers who have been covering weddings for over ten years. The team is available for both national and international engagements, making them a good choice for both local and destination weddings.

Every wedding is unique and each requires ample planning and dedication. David understands this and approaches his work with the seriousness it calls for. It’s for this reason than he only takes a limited number of jobs per year- around 35. The internationally recognized and award winning photographer is based in Harold Cross, Dublin.


Images that connect with people and creativityis what Chris brings to the table. He is a wedding photographer based in Belfast but operates both in Ireland and internationally. He is a guru in photography and will showcase authentic documentation of any wedding. Whether in a registry or by the sea, no photo op will escape his eyes.


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Do you want a comprehensive coverage starting from the morning prep all the way to the after party? Chris is your guy! He also comes at considerable rates which is perfect for a slim photography budget. If you are going for an overseas ceremony, then keep an eye for him- travel is part of his routine and your travel schedules could just be in sync.


Savo Photography is a team that is exclusively dedicated to wedding photography. The venture comprises of husband and wife, Eric and Siobhan. The team works tirelessly to capture your big day’s moments in exquisite photos. Eric is the duo’s photographer and his mastery has seen him rise to be one of the most sought after guy in the industry.

Siobhan on the other hand is the artistic maestro who ensures your wedding imagery is well preserved. She is in charge of designing wedding books, framing and printing. She brings beauty and a touch of class that lasts after the big day is over. The collaboration has not gone unnoticed; their work has won them the coveted Ireland’s photographer of the year and a spot in Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photograph.


Among the qualities that make a good photographer is an experience in both fine-arts and photojournalism. This is the kind of knowledge that is self-evident in Emma May’s work. Her style comes out as more of a documentary than the usual traditional photography. She works best in the background where she can capture moments and emotions, instead of the ‘in-your-face’ approach.

Her unusual style has seen her being dubbed a ‘wedding ninja’. Your wedding will benefit from her relaxed and candid technique thatresults in adventurous imagery. She offers flexible packages depending on how long you need her. She is based in Dublin but is ready travel internationally. What’s more, her abroad prices are not different from local, with travel and accommodation being the only add-ons.


Nick O’Keeffe operates from Dublin and Kilkenny but is available for any nationwide engagement. He has been in the business for a little over a decade, a duration that has seen him build a stellar reputation. His technique encompasses modern and traditional image capture that has set him aside as one of Ireland’s most sought-after photographers. Fun and priceless shots are among his main focus, adding infectious memories to your album.


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Nick is also a storyteller by nature, a trait he uses to create a series of photographs that come together to tell a beautiful story of your wedding highlights. Although he has a unique style, Nick is open and appreciates couple’s input. Case and point: On the issue of recreating famous or nostalgic poses, not only is he open to the idea but appreciates couples who take an active role in creating long-lasting photos.


Dylan is a North Ireland wedding photographer whose fame has earned him home accolades in the whole island and the United Kingdom. His award winning photography is tailored for couples who want to save the best aspects without posing as the ceremony progresses.  He came with over a decade-long expertise that allows him to create beautiful photo collections, without interfering with your programme.

He promises to create imagery which is as lively as it is emotional. His ability to transform every moment into a photo-worthy opportunity has made him feature in most top Irish wedding venues. From Lough Cutra Castle and Adare Manor to the Marlfield House, Dylan has traversed Ireland as he takes shots of unique wedding ceremonies.

#7 Pawel Bebenca Photography

Pawel is by all definitions one of the best photographers Ireland has to offer. His imagery takes a relaxed approach coupled with documentary and artistic touch. He aims to create a keepsake tale with every shot. This he does by creating a series of unique images of different scenes and natural, honest emotions.
Pawel usually works in the background, except when taking the normal family photos and couple portraits. This makes him a non-distraction to your guests, giving him a chance to capture pure un-posed moments.

He also does post-photography work including editing and framing. This ensures that perfect photos are delivered several weeks after your big day. His packages are also reasonably priced, with destination weddings attracting extra for 2 nights of accommodation and an airfare stipend.


Rafal Borek is an artist who has gotten the hang of shooting images that showcase the best of your wedding’s moods. His approach is not only friendly but is meant to put you at ease. What follows is an ‘at-ease’ photography session from a familiar face. This allows you to relax, giving Derik a chance to shoot authentic, candid, and honest moments of your wedding.

Taking photos is what he is hired for, but it’s the storiesthe imagery showcases that make him among the best in the field. Rafal comes with a wide knowledge on everything wedding, from vendors to a dress gallery. His inclusion into the wedding schedule will be especially helpful to couples with a limited time for planning, or overseas soul mates set on an Irish wedding.


Your wedding day may take days or even years to prepare. But no matter the duration of the planning period, the big day will go by fast than you could imagine. Elaine Barker knows this, and she takes upon herself to ensure none-of your wedding moments go to waste.

As she says, “When your father sees you in your wedding dress I’m there, when you see your partner at the top of the aisle I’m there, when grandad falls asleep in the church, I’m there.”

Elaine developed the desire to live her best moment behind the lens when she was just 9 years old. Form breaking her piggy bank to develop film to innovating ways to capture stunning digital photos, Elaine has grown to be the best in what she does. She took her childhood hobby further by studying photography, leading to a career spanning over twelve years. If that’s the passion that you want in your wedding imagery, then look no further.


The Campbells can easily take the title of the coolest wedding photographers in Ireland and beyond. They bring a relaxed and dynamic style that is beautiful and distinctive at the same time. The duo comprises of Neal and Kristi, who are lovebirds with a beautiful love story to tell.

Their passion allows a sentimental and enamouring take on your wedding imagery. Neal was born and bred in Ireland while Kristy comes from Los Angeles. Their diverse upbringing has brought about a wedding photography approach that is class above the rest. The duo’s efforts add perspective and wonder to every photo.

The Bottom Line           

Ireland prides herself in many photographers. Nevertheless, you don’t put the responsibility of documenting every moment of your big day into the hands of just anyone; you deserve the very best in the field. The above list offers you an opportunity to choose how best you would like to reminisce the day.

Host an Unforgettable Reception Without Breaking the Bank

wedding reception ideas

The average wedding in Ireland costs €21,000, with 44% of couples shouldering the cost on their own. With such a large expense, it would be a shame to have a run-of-the-mill reception that was barely memorable. Instead, go for something special that guests will talk about for years afterward.

Every wedding magazine has adverts and features for lavish reception venues. You could, of course, make your wedding memorable by spending exorbitant sums on an extravagant venue, but rather than overspending, try one (or more!) of these unique ideas to throw the most memorable wedding your guests will ever attend. With a little creativity, you can add the wow factor without adding too much to the budget.

Uncommon Fare

wedding food truck

When people think of wedding food, they think of a rubbery piece of chicken made in a hotel kitchen, churned out for 200 guests and lacking as much in flavour as it does in creativity. Rather than the same boring meal delivered by a stuffy waiter, make the process more personal, and more interactive, by hiring a food truck to serve your guests. You can find food trucks these days that serve every type of food imaginable, from crepes to Mexican fare to wood-fired pizza.

Rather than limiting food selections to chicken or beef, a food truck lets them make their own selection. And instead of sitting at their assigned table waiting to be served, food trucks are more interactive, forcing guests to get up, mingle, read the menu, and perhaps make a new friend while deciding what to try. Your event will definitely stand out and be something to talk about.

Learn Something New

wedding swing dance

Perhaps you and your spouse-to-be love to spend Saturday nights swing dancing at your local pub. Or maybe you’re both adventurous and have always wanted to learn swing dancing. For a completely new experience for your guests, hire a dance instructor to teach a brief beginners’ course on swing dancing, then have the DJ play big band music for all or a portion of the party, allowing guests to try out their newly-learned moves.

This idea could be used for any type of dancing. Maybe you are more of the ballroom dancing type, and your instructor teaches a beginner’s waltz. Whatever dance you choose, it will be memorable when your guests go home with a new set of terpsichorean skills.

Transform Your Venue

wedding roulette

If you and your partner are the gambling type, you can turn a rented hall into a glamorous casino for the evening. You’ll already be wearing your best, but simply add “black tie” to your invitations, and bring guests to your own private Monte Carlo gaming evening. There are many companies who offer rental tables and professional dealers for hire that can turn your casino dreams into a reality.

A casino night is a great way for guests to meet and mingle, and a perfect solution for a couple who may not love to dance the night away. Your guests likely won’t even miss the dancefloor, and you can use the DJ portion of your budget to pay for dealers and equipment, still staying within your plan. This fun theme is sure to be one your friends and family never forget.

Planning a wedding, especially one you’re paying for yourself, is hard work. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or additional time to have a unique wedding reception. All you need is a good idea and some creativity to pull off an unforgettable evening.

Engagement Ring Trends – Survey By Stonechat Jewellers

engagement ring on valentines day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Stonechat Jewellers, who specialise in handcrafted bespoke rings, have carried out a detailed survey which captures current engagement ring trends. The results are truly surprising – they highlight just how far romance and marriage have come in recent years. From proposal rings to unusual gemstone choices, these trends demonstrate how much has changed when it comes to buying an engagement ring.


While only 20% of women want their partner to choose their engagement ring, 36% of women surveyed still wanted to be surprised with a ‘promise’ or ‘proposal’ ring. This new concept allows the element of surprise while leaving scope for a woman to choose such an important ring – she will, after all, be wearing it for a long time!


These are modern times and there are so many different setting styles!
Only 25% favour a traditional setting while 40% of those asked like minimalist or contemporary design. A vintage look, which can be easily captured in a modern ring, still catches the eye of 1 in 5 ladies. Interestingly, only a small percentage put an emphasis on the overall size of the ring – big is not necessarily better!


Although diamonds would have traditionally been considered a girl’s best friend, there is such a wide range of coloured gemstones to choose from – beautiful blue sapphires remain popular at 14.4%. Notably, morganite, which is a relatively new option for an engagement ring, has surpassed more traditional gemstones such as ruby and emerald.


When it comes to budget, gone are the days when a certain percentage of his income was to be spent on an engagement ring. Nowadays, 25% of customers focus on the €2000-€3000 price bracket, while an overwhelming majority of people will spend up to €5000.


Source – Voltaire Diamonds

A simple claw set solitaire can be very beautiful but is declining in popularity with just 1 in 4 choosing it. Halo settings, which have taken over from traditional clusters, are the preferred setting style of almost 25% of those asked. Unique bezel and tension settings also provide popular modern alternatives.


White gold and diamond fine tuohi ring
Source – Stonechat Jewellers

While yellow gold is still a beautiful and warm option, white gold and platinum are extremely popular, being the choice of well over 60% of ladies. Yellow gold is making a comeback however, as the second most popular choice, with 23% of votes. That said, 18ct rose gold is on the up as it is established as a metal colour that works particularly well with certain coloured gemstones like morganite and chocolate diamonds.


Round diamonds and gemstones remain favourites with 40% choosing this shape. 25% of those asked favoured a princess cut (square stone), while emerald cut (rectangular) and oval stones also hold their own.

Stonechat Jewellers surveyed 1,300 people across Ireland regarding everything from ring styles to budgets in order to uncover the top trends in 2019.
Stonechat Jewellers is Ireland’s foremost contemporary jewellers. Specialising in Irish design and handcrafted engagement and wedding rings, Stonechat Jewellers is based in the Westbury Mall, Dublin 2.

Their full collection can be viewed in store and on their website –

Timeless & Elegant Celebration on the Mountains – Terrin & Hal

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston


Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston

The Details

How did you and your partner meet?

WHEN: January 2012
WHERE: Virgin Active, Islington, London UK
HOW: To explain how, I first need to give you a little bit of a back story…. Both Hal & I were working for Virgin Active (a gym chain in the UK), but at different locations. At the end of the 2011 we had both been asked to appear in a training video for internal use.
At this point, I had been living in London for 18 months, and Hal had only been in London for 4 months.

I was on the gym floor training before my late shift started. I spotted a co-worker talking to a good-looking guy who I recognized from the training video.
I decided to casually (definitely wasn’t casual about it) walk over.

My co-worker introduced us, and we hit it off straight away. We managed to eventually phase my co-worker out of the conversation, so it was just us chatting. I can’t remember exactly what we spoke about, but I remember laughing a lot, enjoying the easiness of the interaction & feeling disappointed when I had to leave to get ready for work. I ended up late starting my shift……

Hal then started training at my gym almost every day. I got in trouble (on more than one occasion) from my manager for talking with Hal for too long and neglecting my other duties.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston

How did he propose?

Need some backstory for this one too…….
SO, I go for a walk in our local neighbourhood most morning’s. Usually for one hour, and I always ask Hal to accompany me, and he always declines #cardioishardio

It was the week approaching our six year anniversary (which was due to fall on a Sunday this year). Hal was going to be working on Sunday, as such, we’d agreed to celebrate our anniversary Friday night/Saturday instead.

SO, THURSDAY NIGHT: Hal asked me if I intended to go for a walk the following morning. I said “of course” & then Hal asked if he could come with me.
I was a little confused, as he never voluntarily comes walking, but not wanting to stare a gift horse in the face, I said yes.
Hal then asked where I was planning to walk; he complained that the local area/park was overrun with tradies/traffic & asked if we could go to the beach instead.

FYI: Hal is CONSTANTLY trying to get me to the beach. I don’t want to stereotype here, but bloody English people can’t get enough of the beach. I haven’t got anything against it, but typically don’t drive out of my way to walk on the beach before work as it requires a pretty hefty cut to my snooze time.

But I caved. So up we get at 5.30am & after some faffing (mostly from Hal…..) we manage to get down to Brighton beach.
We walk along the beach, just talking rubbish, joking and enjoying the tradie-less view.
During this time however, Hal was DRIVING ME CRAZY because he was dawdling so much. We’d turned around to head back to the car and came to a lovely long stretch of beach. Hal fell behind by 4-5 paces and kept looking around like a weirdo at the completely deserted beach.
He suddenly asked me if I would sit down with him on a nearby bench.
Hal announced that he wanted to give me an early anniversary present; he started to lift up his top & pull down his trousers slightly….I thought “is this a present for me or for you???”. So he whipped out……..an envelope. Inside was a booklet that had ‘6 memories for 6 years’; Hal had commissioned a graphic designer to depict 6 of the most memorable moments from our relationship. He had even remembered details down to the type of shoes we were wearing; one of our first adventure in London, the first time we said the ‘L’ word in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris, bonding over mutual hangar in Geneva, dining at the Fat Duck in Melbourne, winning the NRL grand final in Sydney. On the final page, it showed a silhouette of Hal down on one knee on the beach.
I looked up, Hal pulled out a ring box, dropped to one knee & told me he wanted to be with me forever.
I’m sure he went on to say lots of other lovely things, but I was sooking up a treat, & don’t remember/couldn’t hear what was said over my sobs.
Eventually I said something along the lines of ‘you’re such an idiot’ & then ‘yes’.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston

What do you love most about your partner?

I fell in love with his sense of humour, loyalty, determination, dedication, intelligence, optimism, confidence & capacity to love. It’s the little things that made me know:
The way he lets me put my cold feet on him to warm up.
He always lets me have more of the doona because he knows I get cold.
Always lets me ‘check for poison’ in his food/drinks because I want to taste whatever he’s eating.
How he genuinely wants to know about my day and what I’m excited/annoyed about.
When he’s still in bed when I’m leaving for the gym: sleepy cuddles are the best.
His laugh.
How he can turn even the most serious moment into a gag (whether or not the moment is appropriate…#toosoon)
How he can make me feel like the most important & beautiful girl in the room.
His thoughtfulness: I always do thing’s in a more immediate fashion, but Hal will deliberate, consider his options, and then finalize (despite the amount of time it can take). This sometimes drives me crazy, but mostly, it’s so lovely to know our relationship is on his mind, and he’s doing thing’s to make it better.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston

What’s your most important piece of advice for creating and maintaining a strong relationship?

Marriage means loyalty, it means mutual respect, trust, empathy, support, encouragement, friendship and love. It means sticking through the tough times because you know how great the good times are.

It means building a strong foundation of friendship; always have each other’s back. It’s important to never lose respect for yourself or your partner.
Keep the lines of communication open & be honest.
Keep working on it: sometime thing’s will be hard, but make sure you prioritise what’s important & continue to make time for each other.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston


Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it:

As with our overall style, I wanted a dress that was elegant & classic. I also wanted to ensure I felt comfortable & the dress wouldn’t inhibit me from moving freely.
As with most brides, I had never before set foot in a bridal boutique and as such, didn’t know what would actually suit my body shape.
I selected just one bridesmaid (who always provides an honest yet tactful appraisal) to come on the hunt with me, and we dedicated a full day to the endeavor. By the end of the day, I knew that what I was looking for was something more personal & tailored.
The first boutique we’d entered was Shehzarin Batha, & I loved the experience, the tailoring & the option’s they provided to brides. There was one dress that met the original criteria, however, the neckline wasn’t what I’d had in mind. After trying several other stores, I couldn’t get the Shehzarin dress out of my head, so we went back and asked if we could make some changes. As all dresses are made from scratch, they insisted my request was very reasonable & we signed off then and there!

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?

We wanted to keep the style elegant and classic: we always loved the idea of a country wedding, and as such tailored our choices to suit the venue & our colour palette (navy blue, green & white).

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston

What was your favorite moment from the day?

I can’t name just one, but can narrow it down to three:
1. Hal & I did a ‘first look’ 3 hours before the ceremony. The look on Hal’s face when he turned around is something I will never forget, and when we finally embraced, I remember feeling overcome with happiness.
2. Walking down the aisle towards Hal. We had eyes only for each other, & I have never felt more lucky or genuinely happy.
3. Dancing to our very last song, ‘Hey Jude’. By this time, the bus had collected the majority of guests, so only family/close friends staying at the Estate were left. They formed a circle around us, and Hal & I stood in the center and slowly moved around the circle singing and looking out at our nearest & dearest. I was completely overcome and started crying – Hal just held me and kept singing Hey Jude into my ear. I still well up when I think about it!

Name your wedding soundtrack (aisle, reception entry, first dance songs):
Aisle: A thousand years – Christina Perri
Post-ceremony aisle: Signed, sealed delivered – Stevie Wonder
Reception entry bridal party: I’m a believer – Smashmouth
Reception entry: Crazy in Love – Beyonce
First dance: One and Only – Adele
Cake cutting: All my love – George Ezra
Farewell circle: Wonderwall – Oasis
Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
Hey Jude – Beatles

Any tips that you can give to future brides?

Have a plan upfront: once you know your approach & mission statement, the research and execution is really fun!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just how fantastic all of our vendors truly are! When Hal & I talk about the day, we honestly don’t think it could have been as spectacular without such creative, intelligent, kind & fun individuals.

Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography by Rick Liston

The Team

Wedding feature thanks to Giant Invitations http://giantinvitations.com.au
Dress: Shehzarin Batha Couture https://shehzarinbathacouture.com.au/
Makeup: Clem Cuming
Hair: Julia Baha from Baha Hair Design
Shoes: Bared footwear
Accessories: Top Image Jewellery
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridesmaid dressing room
Grooms Suit: Bell & Barnett
Cake: Pretty tasty – Gayani
Food: Venue provided food
Flowers: No 1 Blooms
Photographer: Rick Liston https://rickliston.com/
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Flowerdale Estate https://flowerdaleestate.com.au/
Entertainment: Mercury DJ Hire
Celebrant: Nat Sproal https://www.natsproalcelebrant.com/




How to Plan a Destination Wedding

destination wedding

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Tying the knot in a faraway place is becoming more popular each day; one in every four weddings is now a getaway ceremony. Not only does a destination wedding bring a unique touch to your nuptials, but it also gives your guests a chance to visit a new city or country.

Nevertheless, before you whisk away your love to a foreign land, there are some considerations that go into the planning. From the venues to invitations, requirements to timings and other preparations, every detail should be ironed out. With that in mind, here is our guide on how to plan destination wedding.

Bride and groom pose behind large circle of lilac in the garden

  1. Pick your Dream Destination

The location of your ceremony will determine the overall mood of your big day. It will also determine travel plans, wedding theme, and most importantly, the budget. To come up with the best location, make the decision a shared one.

What is your common style and passion? Which city or country best describes your lifestyle? What mood do you want to set for your wedding? These are some of the questions that will help you narrow down to a perfect location.

For example, Mexico, Hawaii, and Mombasa are perfect destinations for a tropical-themed wedding. On the other hand, Paris, Edinburgh, and New York will do for a festive trip abroad. The services of a wedding specialist would also help to turn your dream into a real wedding destination.

  1. Inquire about Local Marriage Requirements

Local requirements for marriages differ from country to country. Some marriage laws can be restrictive especially when it comes to ‘residency requirement’. This provision calls for a couple to have stayed in a given country for a minimum number of days or months before they can wed.

For example, in Maldives, non-residents can’t get legally married while in Bahamas, a marriage only requires a single day of residency. It may also take some time, which can run into months, to get the papers certified. So as not to miss out on your dream destination, you can forego the legalities by getting hitched at home and having a non-legal blessing abroad.

  1. Choose the Right Time      

When travelling abroad, you have to keep in mind that your party will be tourists. If you decide to hold the wedding during the best weather, say the summer in a beachy island, your visit will coincide with tourist season. Hotel and venues will be costly and as well as the local travel and tours.

If you insist on this peak time, then do your reservations before the season begins; hotels usually run at less than full capacity and are more inclined to offer discounts.

In case you don’t mind the low season, you could end up saving some money. However, you would also have to contend with spells of bad weather and fewer festivities. A service like Trivago helps you to compare hotel prices and to find the respective websites from which you can do the booking.

Couple getting marriage on the beach.

  1. Keep your Guests Informed

Family and friends will play a big role in how the ceremony plays out. This means they need to be kept up to speed on plans to enable them make necessary preparations concerning air tickets, visas, accommodations and food among others.

To ensure that no element gets them by surprise, create a wedding website. This will help guests to keep tabs on travel requirements and changes, share ideas on past getaway wedding experiences and most importantly, it will be a single platform for all RSVPs.

  1. Go for Group Packages

Wedding parties are the perfect bargaining chip for cheaper air tickets, accommodations, local excursions, and even food. Make this work to your advantage by going for companies that offer group packages.

Typically, an airline will offer an extra free seat or slash the prices especially during the low season. Similarly, hotels will be willing to give you one or two free rooms or extend your (newlyweds) stay by a day- free of charge. All of these however depend on the size of your group and how good you are at bargaining. Another approach is to let the hotels bid for your wedding then make your choice.

Final Thoughts

The whole idea of a destination wedding is giving your marriage a unique and possibly exotic touch. You can only achieve this by embracing the local culture of your wedding destination. To make the event truly memorable, ensure that you sample local scenery and the social life.

You can also get a venue that incorporates the local scenery as part of their appeal to give your wedding photos picturesque mountains, cultural artefacts, wildlife, or waterfall backgrounds.  Furthermore, if you and your loved one are foodies, you can have the chef serve the best of both worlds by including local delicacies as part of the menu.

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The Guide to a Perfect Hen Party

hen party in ireland

Besides being the bride’s maid or maid of honour, you have been given the no small task of planning the hen party. And you are probably wondering if you have what it takes to pull it off.

This can definitely take you to your wit’s end especially if it’s your first time planning such an event. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered; our step by step guide to a perfect hen party has everything outlined for you. So, how do you go about this?

Consult the Bride

The idea of one big surprise may feel exciting, but you might be setting yourself for failure if you make your own assumptions on all key aspects of the party. While you can still keep some surprises up your sleeve, you will require the bride’s input in areas such as;

  • Who to invite
  • Going abroad or staying local
  • Any definite no-no’s
  • The budget- she would have a rough idea of the kind of budget that may work since she knows the guests
  • Preferred locations
  • Preferred kind of party- low key or wild
  • The convenient date

Note; you should also have a provision for several date options so as to settle on one that suits most of the other hens and none should be too close to the wedding.

Create a Facebook or WhatsApp Group

With the guest list ready, get all the contact information and create a group. This will enable you to collaborate more easily and keep everyone in the know on what’s happening. Share the dates with the group members and settle on one to enable all to make the necessary plans early in advance.

Come up with a Budget and Keep an Eye on Costs

A budget helps you to not only ensure that everything is catered for but also enables you to come up with a rough figure for your expenses. It also helps you to tone things down if you are operating on a tight budget. To avoid turning the process into a parliamentary debate, it is advisable to only consult a few people before sharing it with the group.

With a ready budget, it is easier to alter a few aspects to suit the majority in the group. While at it, make sure that you don’t overdo the expenses. Remember that the same people will spend on the upcoming wedding. That said, try and balance between making the party a special one for the bride and financially realistic for the other hens.

Consult With the Rest

Being the one planning the hen party is good because it means that someone is giving some leadership. This does not mean however that you have to decide on everything on your own. Armed with the bride’s feedback, consult with others and get ideas concerning locations, transport, activities, theme, accessories etc.

While it is likely that you will not agree on everything, you will be amazed by some of the ideas that people can give. Besides this, when everyone feels they are involved in the planning, they will be more willing to participate in other areas as well.

Decide on Location

Armed with a budget and specific ideas on what you are looking for, look around for a location that offers great deals and choices. Other factors may come into play when deciding on location. These may include;

  • If the location has provision for group activities
  • The availability of the location on your set date
  • Accessibility by all members
  • The cost of travelling
  • Suitability of the location for all the guests; think of the elderly, handicapped or expectant.

hen parties cork ireland hen parties cork

Share Final Details and Request Confirmation of Attendance

These include the date, location, prices etc. You will notice that you might encounter a few drop outs at this stage. Make it clear that whoever stays from this point on will be included in any further planning.

Share Out Contributions and Set Payment Deadlines

Having confirmed most details of your budget, it is the perfect time to share out the contributions among the group members. Delegation of various responsibilities will also come in handy at this point.

Avoid last minute rush; come up with a deadline that falls earlier than when you need to make actual payments and bookings.

Take the responsibility of sending out reminders and encouraging the girls to pay early to enable you to make arrangements in advance. If need be, you may step in at some point and use your credit card as you wait for the others to pay.

Come Up with Activities to Suit Your Audience

Before you plan on activities, be sure to have information concerning all your guests at hand. For example, if the guest list comprises of the bride-to-be’s best friends, you may have different activities from one where her future mother-in-law, mum or 80 year old grandma is in attendance.

Plan activities that will accommodate everyone or better still, activities with various levels where different groups can participate. You might also want to include some ice-breaking activities to put everyone at ease with each other. Remember not to overdo the activities; chilling out and relaxing is also part of a good party.

Cross-Check Final Details

By now, you have made most of the plans and probably started making payments. However, you still need to cross check details of the party against set time lines. Some crucial details include;

  • Transport arrangements
  • Dress code/ theme
  • Sharing phone numbers in case someone gets lost
  • Items to bring e.g. swim suits, hiking shoes etc.
  • Direction to the location- not everyone can google locations
  • Success of the assigned responsibilities
  • Confirmation of bookings

Bottom Line

Don’t sweat the small things that may fall out of line; there is no one-size-fits-all kind of hen party! If the combination of the good and the imperfect bits manages to give the bride-to-be and every guest a great time, you have just succeeded in planning your first perfect hen party!

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